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I'm trying to decide which iPad to get; how many GB is the average movie. If I watch occasional movies, and have half a dozen books and some--not a huge amount--of music on it, what size do I need?

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    Well, from iTunes an SD movie can range from 1GB to 2GB. A HD movie is probably between 3-5GB. I just finished ripping a number of bluray movies at 5mbps, 720p and they ranged from 3.8GB to 5.5GB.

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    I usually rip SD DVDs at a fixed size of 1.5 GB, and they look fantastic on the iPad. I am no videophile, but think anything more is overkill for such a small screen.
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    how many GB is the average movie.

    This basically depends on how you encode your own content or what you normally buy. My content tends to range from 500-800 MBs for original 5th Generation iPod files to 8.24 GBs for an HD encoding of Avatar for playback comparisons on different devices/monitors. Basically, it is just a tradeoff between quality and quantity for most people. My advice, is to always buy the highest capacity device you can afford. In most cases you will find it still wont be enough by the time you are ready to upgrade to a newer device.