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hello - what does the orange line at the bottom of a clip in events mean..?

macpro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    An Orange Bar means that you have used this clip in the current project.

    If you have marked any clips as Favorites, they will have a green bar.
    If you have marked clips as rejected, they will have a red bar.
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    thank you very much 'appleman' - perhaps you could advise/help with my main problem..?
    - i'm exporting the clips i've editing in iMovie ['09] as m4v's [the only option other than quicktime movies..?] and converting into flv's [in adobe's media encoder from a trial of premier pro CS5] soasto embed them in a pdf...
    - my v.frustrating problem is that 3 [of 17] wont play in the pdf and when clicked on they just become a black frame..?..!
    - i've been on to adobe who don't think there's a problem with my acrobat pro9 and thought originally using my flash CS3 encoder & premier pro CS3 to convert m4v's to flv's was problematic...
    - what do you think..?
    - best wishes; chris artgoes...
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    I have no experience with Adobe. Sorry.

    If Adobe cannot handle m4v, you might try Share/Export Using QuickTIme as MP4/h.264.

    You could also try simply changing the file extension (using the Finder) to MP4.

    With the caveat that those are total guesses...