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Ok I have 6 Small kids aged 9 and under that I would like to use Ipods as part of their homeschooling. So I now have 6 new Ipods. How should I go about setting these up for them.

I have one computer at the moment and it already has Itunes (with my husband and I(s) Iphones on it)

So I guess my question is, do I or can I set up 1 itunes account for all the kids and put the same apps on all of them (via syncing them to the computer) or do I have to set up 6 accounts and purchase them all 6 times (and keep my computer out of this)?

I expect that they will want/need some of the same apps and some different. My poor ole laptop is kinda on its last leg and I am not sure how long its going to last if I am trying to sync all of these more than once or twice. And I am not even sure what the limit for Itunes even is?

Please help with any info you might want to share. ( I have a bad feeling that I am going to be creating 6 email accounts followed by 6 apple accounts for my kids today

6x newest Ipod 3g 8gb