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I want to be able to stream internet content from my MacBook Pro through my home network to my DLNA BluRay player. An example is to watch TV programs from NBC from my Mac to my TV. I've "Cut the cable" to my cable service and i still want to watch some programs on a screen that is bigger than my Mac.

Is this possible?

Thanking everyone in advance,


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    Why not connect the MBP directly to the TV? Going through the network and Blu-Ray player seems like needless and probbly troublesome complexity.
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    That is going to be plan B. I have 2 Macs and I need something that is easy for my wife to do. Connecting cables and such might not be what she wants to do. Plus we would have to buy another power supply to put at the TV location because both our power supplies are hidden behind desks.

    I'm just seeing if DLNA will work some how.
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    I am not sure if this helps, since I am only just learning what DLNA is all about. But I have managed to successfully use a program called Twonky Media to stream things from my Macbook to my Sony Bravia. It works fine for photos and video, but I am not sure it will stream things directly from internet.