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Now just so u know yes i've read a lot of forum's topics and still can't find the answer. Also searched all over the internet, and the most that i've found was topic's with unanswered questions. "sorry if i seem a bit upset but you'll see why".

I have the first generation Itouch. I just recently updated the firmware to 3.1.3, ever since then my touch won't stop shuffling song's no matter what I do.

1- Re-sync
2- Restored from back up
3- Restarting
4- Turning of the shuffle mode in Settings>Music> Shake to shuffle off
5- Go to the current playing song, and toggling shuffle on and off

I've tried to see if i can revert the firmware back but, according to some sources on the net it seems that either it doesn't work right, or apple doesn't support it anymore.

Now i would like to keep the new 3.1.3 if it's possible due to been able to use some useful app's or fun one's but not at the expense that I can't listen to my music my way.

I also tried to take the song's in and out but still wen i go back there still shuffle. Also another thing i notice is that when I go to the music section under the ipod under itunes it show's the order in which i play it in. but when i get the to the touch, there shuffled in a way that i can't explain. it's not by artist, song name or even genre. please help if there's way for me to fix it while keeping the 3.1.3 that would be awesome, but if i have to go back to the old firmware. let me know how to do it.

Thank you so much in advance.

macpro 4,1, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2x2.26 xeon processors, 6gig or ddr3
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    There could be a couple things going on ...

    1- If is shuffling the playback of a playlist, make sure that this is not the "scrambled smart playlist" issue, i.e. the playlist sort order is randomized and does not agree with the contents and/or sort order of the playlist on iTunes. In this situation it may seem like the Touch is in shuffle mode, but that is only because the playlist is in a strange order. To be sure, try playback of an album and see if it is in shuffle mode, if it is then go to #2. If an album (or regular playlist) plays back normally and only smart playlists play in a random order, then edit your smart playlist by adding an extra line of criteria: "Playlist -- Is -- Music", where "Music" is the general category for music items in iTunes. This will break Live Updating on the iPod, but the playlist will update each time you sync. This is a known problem and hopefully will be addressed in iOS 4.

    2- If you're certain that playback is shuffled for even albums, then try restoring again but don't re-load your last backup (since that's where the problem could be hiding). Restore as a new iPod and see if that helps. You will have to re-do all your Touch preferences, e-mail accounts, wi-fi networks, etc. but sometimes that's what it takes to escape a corrupted backup.
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    If you want to DOWNGRADE!

    go to,(NOT ON SAFARI)

    download the previous firmware, and when its finished, open iTunes, plug in your ipod and click restore while holding down the shift key (if your on windows) and Alt or Option (if your on a mac and select the firmware that you just downloaded. Let it do it's thing.
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    if you want to keep 3.1.3 then use the one above mine
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    I am having the same trouble with shuffle, switching tracks when I want a straight play through. These are not playlists. These are lectures broken into tracks which ipod manages like songs (even though 6 tracks=1 lecture). I did not have this problem with the nano but have had it with itouch.

    I can't find the super-duper global "shuffle songs" described on page 45 of the user guide. In any case, the shuffle symbol is not highlighted on the tracks.

    Additionally, I saved 3 lecture series as audiobooks, reasoning that the software would not shuffle these pages which are specifically intended to be serial. Crazy happenings...when a discussion of Poe morphs into the end of a discussion on Hawthorne. In testing the track layout, I discovered for this lecture at least, the tracks were played 1-3-4-6-5-2 even though the name, the track number, the descriptions all were in sync 1-2-3-4-5-6. This is the 3rd audiobook (my own loaded up) that has resulted in this confusion.

    No playlists.
    Ordering on itunes and on ipod APPEARS to be in sync 1-2-3-4-5-6.

    I wiped out my ipod and rebuilt it yesterday. Still problems last night.

    What is happening? How do I obtain a resolution to this problem?
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    I too am having problems with "shuffle" not turning off. I have several playlists that I created and shuffle is always on. (This was not always the case). When I touch the icon it simply switches to another song instead of turning it off. Today I restored my itouch completely (reloaded as new device per Apple store recommendations)and it is still not working properly. Don't know how to download a previous version of the software and couldn't find instructions in the help menu. After reading all of the ominous comments about the latest version, I am sorry I did since it did not fix my problem. Any suggestions?
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    Check to see if the "shuffle" icon is still "lit"(blue) in the scrubber bar.

    In theory this should be as easy as
    "From the Now Playing screen, tap the album cover.
    The repeat, Genius, and shuffle controls appear along with the scrubber bar. You can see elapsed time, remaining time, and the song number. The song’s lyrics also appear, if you’ve added them to the song in iTunes"

    In practice it may take a couple of single taps and a possible closing out of the ipod/music app and then going back in to get the scrubber bar back up. Once you have the scrubber bar showing, tap the shuffle icon (infinite arrows) until it is white.

    We have been having an issue where the Touch has been getting turning on the the shuffle at what appears to be random, but at least this turns it off until the next time it freaks out. ( and for those who care, yes "shake to shuffle" is turned off)