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A friend who I got to but an iMac 6 months ago seems to have a mess in his Music folder after loading many LP, tapes and CD into iTunes. Looking into his Music folder he has music files along with an iTunes folder but inside the iTunes folder he has some music files and another Music folder with more individual song files. iTunes works OK for playing music for him but his file structures looks out of whack.

My music folder contains an iTunes folder and it contains an iTunes Music folder that contains all of my song files. It just seems very clean and straight forward.

I do not know how the friend got to where he is. Could you help with how it's is supposed be and how to straighten it up as I'm getting him into backing up iMac to an external drive.

Thanks for your help.

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    assuming his iTunes knows about all the media files (meaning there are no "!" next to any files), do this:

    1. iTunes > preferences > advanced
    - make sure +iTunes media folder location+ is pointing to the desired location
    - check +keep iTunes media folder organized+ and +copy files to ... when adding to library+

    2. file > library > organize library
    - select +consolidate files+
    - if the option to +upgrade to iTunes media organization+ is available, select that as well

    hit ok


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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll try this when he returns home next week.

    Have a great weekend.