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Strange problem I would appreciate your help on. I purchased a video digitizing device on eBay. It came with software called VideoGlide from EchoFX. Everything was working fine until a few days ago when I tried to use Skype for video stopped working. It gave me an error and asked to contact EchoFX support with the error code. When I contacted them, they told me that the software I got was a stolen copy and that's why it stopped working.

I removed the software using their uninstall software that came with it and now on the video it shows their logo on the blue background. Then they told me some of the hidden files I need to remove. I went and removed the startup files that was hidden. When I do that, the Skype doesn't allow me to use video at all.

I sent them an email for more help but they are not getting back to me. One curious thing is, when I open up the Quicktime player, it says my camera is not available. It was working fine until this happened. I logged on to Apple's site and looked for Quicktime, just to see if I can reinstall it. However, all I found was version 7 of QT.

Anyone have any clue of what is going on and how to fix this? Thanks in advance.


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