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I am adjusting a template in iWeb. The images I'm using are added from iphoto. Every time I open iWeb to work on the template all images are no longer there, the place holder has a question mark, and I need to relink all the images. Ideas to fix this or thoughts why this is happening?

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    Hello Chris,

    Sounds like you either have a broken iPhoto Library or a broken page in iWeb.

    Try a test:

    Create a brand new Site in iWeb with a blank page and add a picture using the Media browser in iWeb, Media > Photos. Close and re-open iWeb and see if the picture is still there.
    If the picture is still there than you have a broken Site or Page and we can discuss that further.

    If a new Site does not work then try creating a new iPhoto Library.
    1.) Hold down the option key and launch iPhoto (You can use the option key to switch back to your old iPhoto Library when you are done testing.)
    2.) Click Create new and save a new library
    3.) Add a few pictures to the library
    4.) Close iPhoto

    Now go back to iWeb and try adding a picture.

    If it works then you have a broken iPhoto Library. Switch back to your old iPhoto Library and follow http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2638 to rebuild your library. Use the last 3 check boxes in the iPhoto Rebuild window.

    Hope that helps.
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    looks like i have a broken site. What to do now.

    Thanks for the help too. appreciated.
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    Hey Chris,

    Try a brand new blank page in the same Site as your "broken" page.

    Does a new page work? If it does then I would suggest you either re-create your page (as something is broken in the code of that page) or re-store your iWeb domain from a backup from before this issue started happening.

    If a brand new blank page in the same site has the same issue then try dragging your page from the old site to a new site (which you can do by grabbing the page in the side bar on the left hand side of iWeb and dragging the page to another site).

    Once the page is in the new site you can test again.

    If the issue persists, restoring from a backup as mentioned previously would be my next step followed by re-creating the page.

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    Thanks for the help. All working good now. Thanks