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The subject may be a little confusing -- I'm not looking for an app that can remote control a Mac or Windows desktop, nor one that can control a media center.

I have an iPad and I just bought one for my mother (so glad I talked her out of buying a Windows netbook). Although the learning curve is very easy to use the iPad, I still want to help her when she needs it.

Is there an app that can remotely connect to another iPad? If not, what about a Windows utility that can do it? I suppose if there is a VNC app for the iPad then I can use any freeware VNC client in Windows, like RealVNC or UltraVNC.

I'll continue to do my own search but if anyone can assist, that would be great as well.

Roland Thomas

Windows 7
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    Hi Thomas,

    The iPad dose about 80% of what a computer can do. I think this falls into the 20% the ipad currently can not do. But you could always send a suggestion to Apple. http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html

    I work around might to have her send screen shots; and email them. or if you have a desktop or portable computer you could have her video chat with you, and have her set the camera to point a the ipad.