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    The clarity of your answer is 100%. I have tried this too, but found that the recipient is still receiving photos embedded in the mail and NOT as an attatchment.

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    That's because how he has his email client set up.  You can't do anyting about it.  You could zip/compress the photos and send them as attachments.  The receipient whould than have to unzip the photo(s) before viewing them.

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    Thank you. I have tried about everything else, and this seems to be the only route to go. If I'm attatching say, 5/6 photos and are put in one folder, do I need to check the size of each photo before dropping it in the folder?

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    DonMigell, if you look back in the forum to the same time last year (Feb 28 to be exact) I was having the same frustrating problem as you-- and was able to solve it. Now, when I drag photos from I photo into mail, they are always attachments (and now always at full resolution). If you are sending many photos in one email, you may not want to send them full size, but again, look back as a very helpful participant in the forum explains how to do it. Now that my system is set up to do it, it happens by rote for me, I email photos to clients at least weekly, and do not ever have a problem.

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    Are you saying that there is another method other than putting, say, photos in a folder which can then be forwarded and received as a folder? You mention, dragging photos fro iphoto to email? How is this done please?

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    I open a new email and iPhoto. The photo i want to attach is not opened but is highlighted. I drag it from iphoto over to the open email. I repeat with any other photos i want to add to the email. I don't put more than 4 photos in an email-- after that, you will need to use dropbox or another service like it, because that is too much info to jam in a single email.

    Also, check, as i was told to do last Feb, the size of the photos you are sending. I was directed to look in the lower corner, where you will see a bar that allows tyou to choose the size. I have to send photos in full size but if you can send smaller photos, you may be able to send more at a time.

    I assume you are not shooting in raw, is that correct? All this is based on sending jpeg files...

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    Okay, seems that I need to familiarise myself with the basic principles of using imac (having been a Windows guy for 13 years). Presumably I can have iphoto and email displayed on the same desktop. Like on Windows where you can reduce size of window to allow you to drag things from one folder to another. Is this the same principle that can be used on imac? And forgive me for not understanding 'shooting raw'. And yes, I just would like to send as jpegs and for receipient yo receive them as jpegs. Yep, I understand about checking size of photos.

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    When I joined this forum to ask questions one year ago, i had just switched to mac after a lifetime of PC. I know the feeling!

    At the risk of giving you info you may already know: Yes, reduce the size of the windows by dragging the crorners in. (hover over the bottom corner of a window and your arrow should get tips at both ends, which allow you to drag corners up. Or, hover in the top right corner until a blue box with double-tipped arrow shows and click on the lower point to switch out of 'full screen' mode)

    Forget what I said about "shooting raw"-- it isn't relevant at all to you and doesn't matter. (Pro's shoot in raw- the files are bigger. You would know it if you did it).

    I am wracking my brain to try to remember if I had to change any settings to make this work last year, but I honestly don't think so.

    To be clear-- I am not a tech person at all, and I don't want to mislead you about that. It's just that I got a notification when you posted in this forum and I "feel your pain" from being in the same boat-- and having it resolved-- last year.

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    In Mt. Lion the file size selection menu is at the top right:




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    Thank you all for your advices and contributions. With sore eyes, I beleive that I have now solved my problem!

    Selecting my iphoto, I then copy it, use 'paste special' to put it onto a word document. This word document is then attached to an email. That's it! Tried it several times, ie from imac to pc and to mac. And, trust me it works. Now where's that glass of wine! Once again thank you all for your help.

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    Like biz870 says,  ... this does actually work.  Thanks for the fix.

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    Bush-Man, I have to disagree with you, as a number of others have mentioned, this setting only relates to viewing not sending as the name (DisableInlineAttachmentViewing) would suggest.


    As a test I sent 5 identical e-mails with attachments to my Office 2013 account, and regardless of the setting, all e-mails received looked identical.

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    Yep, great solution Bush-Man.  Thank you loads!! You've ended hours of frustration fixing something that I really didn't have time to poke about on the web to find the answer for.....


    How frustrating though eh?  Another  utterly UNINTUITIVE design / command from Apple.    I've had to join this forum to find out how to do what should be a simple task.

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    I sent photo attachments successfully for several years by putting them to the end of plain text mails.

    Since months maybe since Mountain Lion this won't work anymore and I have to zip the photos.

    Today I was successful again with Attachment Tamer and I will give it a chance.

    One plugin more that could stop working with the next OS.


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    I have found a solution by attaching files while creating your email using "attach" icon rather than using the "email" icon in iphoto and attaching there (which always results in embedded images.  To do this create an email, click attach and select from your files.   Be sure to change the size of your images if large is too large (bottom right of screen) and view new size of attachments (bottom left of screen).  I do have my email set to Plain text, not sure if it matters.


    And everyone is able to see them and it is a simple solution.