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I have my iPod set to manually update, everything on there I drag from iTunes, because iTunes has a lot of stuff I don't necessarily want on my iPod.

I've created several iTunes playlists which feature a mixture of songs already on the iPod, and songs which aren't on the iPod. Yet when I transfer the playlist from iTunes to the iPod, it adds the duplicate tracks! Shouldn't the iPod recognise that some tracks are already on it? I can maybe understand if the tracks have different artist/album tracks, but they seem to be identical - yet it places the same song on my iPod again!

Is there a way round this, or is the iPod simply not clever enough to recognise duplicate tracks, and use the existing ones when transferring a playlist?

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    Hi, welcome to Apple Discussions.

    Are you certain you're getting duplicate track on the iPod, or is it just copying them over again? iTunes manages the transfers whether auto-syncing or manually managing not the iPod. When you manually manage you know best - if you drag on a bunch of tracks iTunes will just do as it's told, replacing exisiting copies with new ones if that's what you tell it to do. It's actually much easier to sync with selected playlists. If you update a playlist or some information about a track this will be automatically reflected next time you sync.