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I Migrated my account from my MMD G4 and believe I brought some preferences from my Apple SCSI card that was inside that system. I now have an ATTO SCSI card in the Mac Pro and I want to make certain any old drivers that may have been migrated from the old system are removed.

Can anybody tell me where these drivers would be and what they would be called?

I've located the ATTO stuff but nothing relevant from the old system.

Mac Pro Early 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.3), SCSI Card Drivers
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    Drivers are installed in the /System/Library/Extensions/ folder. As for what they would be named we don't know since you didn't tell us what SCSI card your were using. However, likely the name of the manufacturer would be found in the filename.

    Note that the above ignores the possibility that the installer software for the SCSI card may have installed files elsewhere on the drive.
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    Thanks for the answer and as I stated in my original post I was using the Apple SCSI card that shipped with the G4 as my original SCSI card.

    I have found several files in the folder you mentioned that have creation dates from 2007 so they may be the files I need to delete.

    I think at this point I will check with Apple regarding which kext files are necessary and which aren't unless I get some definitive reply here.
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    Unless the SCSI card is an Apple product they can't tell you. Only the card's manufacturer can. Is the old card from Apple or third-party? If third-party you might check the mfgr.'s web site for an uninstaller.
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    Kext files are loaded based on their dependencies. If you do not have the SCSI card installed and active, the kext for it will not be loaded, even if the kext is present. There are dozens of extraneous kext files in that folder. They are never loaded, because nothing requires them.

    There are two ways to get an idea of what kext files are active. The better one is to open terminal and use:

    this will fill the terminal window with about four printed pages of the way the kexts loaded, and their dependencies. You can cut and paste that text into textedit and print it, or just look at it in the window if you prefer.

    The other way is with Apple System Profiler. There, if I remember correctly, you get a table with a loaded/not flag and an Apple/not flag in one of the columns. Printing what you really want from Apple System Profiler is difficult.