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I bought my iPad on the 2nd June 10. From that day, my iPad keeps being turned off randomly with no reason. After putting it at sleep and go on with my bussiness, when I came back to it, I just can't wake it up again, and had to press the combo "Sleep/Wake+HOme" for at least 2 times to turn the device on.

I tried to restore it to factory setting again and again (3 times) up to now and just it doesn't seem to work against the fault.

I brought it to Myer (SA, Australia) (where I bought it) this morning, 13th June 10, and asked them for a replace, but they said I would need to have the Case (Confirmation) number from Apple in order for them to arrange an exchange or refund, etc. Do you guys think that's reasonable?

What should I do now? It's sunday and I just can't ring Apple.

My model is 64gb 3G.

Thanks in advance for your precious advise,
Khiem Le

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), iPad 3.2 iPhone 3.1
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    Can anyone please have a look and help me. Really appreciate your help.
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    Wait until Monday then and call Apple Care.
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    Oh wait tomorrow is the queens birthday, you will probably have to wait until Tuesday. Not the end of the world.
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    I bought a 3G 16 GB iPad on June 2 in San Jose and I have exactly the same problem. The iPad keeps going off. I have to reconnect it to the computer for it to start up again. I will try callng Apple support today and see what they say.
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    I had the same problem ("turning off randomly"), but think that problem may have been due to synchronizing picture folders that were too big. The problem disappeared after cutting down on folder size of pictures.
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    Same issue here I will keep you updated on what is the issue or if connecting it to a computer fixes de problem.
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    You need to connect your ipad to a computer to stop having this issue. I am sure this is a bug because people when buy the ipad for the first time they expect to turn it on immediately to use it and if they don't see any message they will think something is wrong with the ipad. What I have seen with my first ipad is that when there is no battery and you connect your ipad you don't see any battery icon like the iphone or you don't hear a beep like the iphone this makes you think that is not working, and after charging the ipad for some minutes you see that everything is ok.
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the advice guys,

    Mine is a 64GB, it is supposed to hold a lot more than just a few small size photos, so I am not happy with iPad if it can't hold big photo sizes.

    The strange thing is: Whenever it's turned off, I have to press the combination of Sleep/wake + HOME for the second time until the iPad is turn on?!! *Why has to be 2 times?*

    When it is off, connecting to iTunes or Mac does not help to turn it on. Only pressing the combination of Sleep/wake+Home helps to turn on.

    I have tried to restore the iPad and leave it, like, blank, nothing in there, just a few songs and 1 app (iBook). Problem still happened.

    I called Apple yesterday (monday, 14th June) and she (the representative) granted me a Case Number, and told me if I quote this case number to the authorised reseller at my place, they will be able to exchange a new one for me. I asked her if there is any chance that I am not eligible to exchange, she said "+i think you will be able to exchange, unless the repairer has a look and he thinks that the iPad is normal, but don't worry, your case number has my Senior Supervisor's confirmation, so it should be ok+"

    I am gonna bring it to the store now, and will keep you guys updated onthis!

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    So I went to the local Apple authorized reseller to talk about the issue of my iPad. They checked to confirm my case number with apple for about 20 mintues and came out to tell me that Yes, I am eligible for an exchange. He asked me to come back tomorrow cos he did not have any in stock, he was about to order stock from Apple and if available, it should be there after lunch.

    I was quite happy at that time. But when I got home and back to this forum, I started to get more worried and worried.

    1. My (old and existing) iPad's wifi works like charm. I have seen quite a lot of people out there complaining about their Wifi issue. Will the one I get exchanged tomorrow gets the Wi-fi issue? Am I that "lucky"? AND If yes, I am soo hesitate to bring it back there (in the future) for them to have a look again and nagging for another exchange.

    2. As far as I know, the exchange stock will be the refurbished stock . This is one more thing that makes me a bit sadder. I have posted a question here regarding this 'refurbished' thing.

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    Here's a suggestion, don't stress about what might be. Your current device isn't working properly so you obviously don't want to keep it. If the replacement device isn't satisfactory then open another case and exchange it again. If it works fine and you're happy with the replacement, awesome.

    It will satisfy you, or it won't. Spending your time worrying about whether it will or not won't change that fact.
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    Thanks, mate.

    I may be a bit over-worried.

    I'll call them tomorrow to ask if the replacement has arrived yet and get mine replaced. I'll let you know how it looks and feels like.

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    Great news,

    So I brought it back to the store this morning (AV Central, Adelaide) as told by the technician yesterday. He told me to replacement had been shipped and yes, I can take the replacement now.

    The replaced iPad was in the plastic wrap that is exactly the same with the one that we have when we buy new. I took a close look at it and was pretty sure this is a new uni. No scratches or dust (even a minor one) can be found (by my eyes). It smelled good too . It was not put in any box, he just walked out his room and handed me the unit in the plastic wrap. I was expecting the brown box.

    But yea, looking closely at the unit does not show me any sign of it being pre-owned. It looked even better than the brandnew unit that I bought a week ago.

    Wifi works just great at the moment, not sure how it will works later on (as some of the wifi issue usually come up after a few days).

    Overal, it looks and feels great.
    Thanks, Muddybulldog for making me sleep well last night, haha . Everything is fine now.

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    The iPad was exchanged for a different one, new one, not refurbished. Bravo Apple!