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Okay so I'm having issues with my itunes.. I've been using itunes for the last year or so on this computer and then yesterday I had some issues with some other programs. When I finally managed to fix those problems, suddenly my itunes wouldn't work anymore, when I clicked the icon it said something along the lines of the action could only be performed with programs that were installed. Long story short, I spent about 7 hours trying to figure out why it said it wasn't installed when my add/remove programs and stuff said it was still there. It wouldn't let me remove itunes, saying something about a installer msi something not being found. After searching around the web, I finally found how to get itunes off my computer.
But now... I can't reinstall it. I've followed a bunch of directions from searching the issue and tried to find solutions.
The error I'm getting is

Itunes Installer Interrupted

The installer was interrupted before the requested operations for itunes could be completed. Your system has not been modified. To complete these operations at a later time, please run the installer again.

I've searched this-
I've run the install clean up tool, I've emptied my temp files, I've uninstalled quicktime and anything related to itunes in my computer/program files/etc. The only other thing I've read to do is completely re-install windows... and I really don't want to do that for fear of losing a lot of pics/vids/music/stuff on my computer.
So I'm willing to wait a few days and see if anyone can help me before I resort to that.

Please help, I'm so frustrated with all this and would greatly appreciate anything anyone could offer on how to fix this.

Dell, Windows XP
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    hi Starr,

    have you had this issue solved? I am having the same issue with all the same conditions. If you have found a solution, could you let me know?


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    I had this problem too. Uninstall Bonjour!! I had trouble uninstalling it, so I used the Windows Install Clean Up (freeware) to remove it from the Add/Remove list, then used Revo Uninstaller Pro (freeware)to remove all traces of Bonjour from the registry. Voila!, iTunes installed, finally.
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    I feel your pain I have an IPOD touch and I keep getting told there is an update for it I have tried twice to download it which takes 2 hours each time I have a broad band connection with no history of trouble I have spent 6 hours of my Saturday and I WILL NOT PAY APPLE TO SUPPORT THEIR TROUBLES I WILL SWITCH FIRST!!!!
    my connection times out before download completes and everything is lost
    sorry i really cant solve your troubles just wanted you to know you are not alone!!
    be careful what you click...
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    I'm having this same problem...I get this same screen or I get "Cannot locate AppData"...I have had iTunes Since August '09 and it worked flawlessly until 9/28, when some bastardly malware caused a crash...Spent $80 to get everything back up and running, but iTunes WILL NOT load...I too have tried several things to no avail...What is the G.D. deal, APPLE?? My music files are all still in my iTunes folder, but I can't get the **** thing to open...

    You guys need to stop blaming the peasants out here and realize that you have some MAJOR FIXING to do!!!!
    I hope all 5,000 or so songs, albums, etc. that I PURCHASED from you are intact...I'm hoping you guys will be Christians and give them back to me if not --
    You got a really great scam running here -- you ripped me off worse than any credit-card scammer could!!!!

    I would appreciate some answers here, oh iTunes Guru Who Answereth NOT!!!!!
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    YAY!! this works!!! I had the exact same problem, super frustrating! Tried installing itunes a few times, then stumbled across this post.

    Thanks a mil!
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    "I had this problem too. Uninstall Bonjour!! I had trouble uninstalling it, so I used the Windows Install Clean Up (freeware) to remove it from the Add/Remove list, then used Revo Uninstaller Pro (freeware)to remove all traces of Bonjour from the registry. Voila!, iTunes installed, finally."

    Respect to 'staycee.pine' and the dude above him or her.'taganner'. Thanks a lot.

    Follow this to the T.The Only change is I used Norton 360 to clean up registry. But this is the real solution.
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    I, too had this problem on XP running Windows 9. I tried everything you all had tried, spent hours -- no install Stumbled upon this post thread, and downloaded and ran revo uninstaller @
    but only because others had success. IT WORKED!!! I have SUCCESSFULLY uupgraded iTunes.

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    Revo saved the day. I had no iTunes for almost two months. Talk about frustrating! Now I can get my iPad.
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    OK, OK

    I tried to let iTunes run the update from 10.01.22 to 10.1 today and IT FAILED AGAIN!. Just as in the last five or six upgrades this year.

    Sooo, I downloaded the new iTunes package for 10.1 and ran the install and it worked fine. I think that the iTunes updater that comes to call loads the '86 version, not the 64 version. How about that Apple?