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I have Snow Leopard 10.60. I have several versions of Opera browser on my computer. The one I use most of the time is Opera 10.10. (I also have Opera 10.53 but it kept crashing and I have an old Opera browser that I used on Powerbook). Before I installed the additional browsers (I originally had Opera 10.53), I saved all my preferences in a file called operaprefs.ini on my Desktop.

I was mucking around on the Opera browser 10.10 and I accidentally deleted some buttons by mistake. One of these is "Find in page". I really want this one back. I found a similar one but it doesn't work exactly the same. I also want a spelling checker button and a dictionary button. I don't think I deleted the last two but I can't remember how I got them in the toolbars.

The most important one is "Find in page". It had a little window where you could type the word you were searching for and the word would come up highlighted on the web page. As I said I found a similar button but it doesn't have the little window beside it.

How do I restore my preferences from before? When I click on the .ini file, it says choose application. I don't know what to do. I don't think downloading a new browser will work as the preferences I have now will just appear on the new Opera browser.

Powerbook G4 Panther 1Ghz 120GB, MacBook Air 1.86GHz 120GB, Mac OS X (10.3.x), Nil
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    Control-click Toolbar: Customize>Appearance>Buttons. Under 'Category' click on 'Browser'. Drag the find icon to the Toolbar. Click 'OK'.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. It wasn't the same button I was looking for though. The one I wanted had a small text box where you could type the word in. With the new button, when you click on it a window opens below. Maybe they don't make the old button any more.

    Can I copy the Operaprefs.ini file into the Library->Preferences->Opera preferences (and remove the operaprefs.ini file that's there)? Will doing that restore my old preferences? Should I rename the old preferences file first before moving it into Opera Preferences?

    Or will doing the above that muck everything up?

    How about this?

    Copy bookmarks from Opera Preferences.

    Delete everything else from Opera Preferences.

    Delete all copies of Opera browser

    Download Opera browser again.

    Then load the bookmarks.

    Then I will have a fresh copy of browser with all the default preferences and buttons and I have all the old bookmarks. I can then choose new preferences.

    Will this work?
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    No need to do that: same instructions as above but under 'Category' choose 'Search'.
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    I deleted that button from that Search page. That's the problem. It's missing. I deleted a whole lot of buttons from the Search page while I was playing around. So when I go into Tools and choose Custom and then look under Buttons and Search, that button is missing.
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    I don't understand how you managed to do that - it's not deletable, at least not in my copy. And there is no 'Custom' under 'Tools' - it's Appearance; this is what I see:

    Are you possibly using an earlier version of Opera? I'm on the latest, 10.53.

    Anyway, in that event you could try deleting the prefs as you suggest, though since deleting things from the Appearance pane isn't supposed to be an option it may not help: however it won't do any harm.
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    My search looks different. I deleted the buttons by going into Preferences and on the search page, I deleted the buttons there. In the Tools - customize, after deletion, the buttons are gone.

    I managed to restore the buttons by saving bookmarks and deleting the Opera browsers and clearing the Opera Preferences from the Library. Then I downloaded new browsers and imported the bookmarks and reset the preferences.

    The browsers now have all the buttons.