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I have Snow Leopard 10.60. I have several versions of Opera browser on my computer. The one I use most of the time is Opera 10.10. (I also have Opera 10.53 but it kept crashing and I have an old Opera browser that I used on Powerbook). Before I installed the additional browsers (I originally had Opera 10.53), I saved all my preferences in a file called operaprefs.ini on my Desktop.

I was mucking around on the Opera browser 10.10 and I accidentally deleted some buttons by mistake. One of these is "Find in page". I really want this one back. I found a similar one but it doesn't work exactly the same. I also want a spelling checker button and a dictionary button. I don't think I deleted the last two but I can't remember how I got them in the toolbars.

The most important one is "Find in page". It had a little window where you could type the word you were searching for and the word would come up highlighted on the web page. As I said I found a similar button but it doesn't have the little window beside it.

How do I restore my preferences from before? When I click on the .ini file, it says choose application. I don't know what to do. I don't think downloading a new browser will work as the preferences I have now will just appear on the new Opera browser.

Powerbook G4 Panther 1Ghz 120GB, MacBook Air 1.86GHz 120GB, Mac OS X (10.3.x), Nil