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  • GEOPIX, Inc. Level 1 Level 1

    Again, like some others here, I seem to have resolved this problem by using iTunes to restore my iPad 1 to the factory default settings (knock on wood). In late November, I gradually began experiencing many Safari crashes each day. In mid-December, I elected to reformat my iPad, use iCloud to restore my data, and iTunes to reinstall my media files. I manually downloaded and reinstalled "Purchased" Apps and reconstructed Web "Add to Home Screen" icons as needed. I did NOT "Restore from Backup", because I suspected the problem also could reside in the backup, and thus might return. Fortunately, I keep screenshots of each of my iPhone and iPad page layouts and I also try to match the iPhone and iPad App organization and screen configurations as much as possible. This was a great aid in reconfiguring my iPad.


    Since doing this before Christmas, I have not encountered iOS 5 Safari or other App crashing problems, though I do think iOS 5 does run a bit slow on the iPad 1.


    Several very interesting theories regarding "low memory" errors or other possible causes behind this issue have been advanced and some seem pluasible. I wonder if it is possible the problem has roots in the iOS 4x-to-5 update process itself. Perhaps a "clean install" is what is fixing the problem for those of us who've taken this radical measure. While starting over was not fun and was time-consuming, it wasn't as a bad as I feared and it does appear to have been effective (so far). I now have backed up the reconfigured iPad to iTunes.


    The best recommendations I've read in this thread are to report the problem using Apple's Support Feedback page, restore the iPad to factory settings and start over. I'd certainly like to read more detailed reports from people who've reinstalled everything from scratch.


    I'm sure Apple is investigating this and you can wait for an  iOS update that (hopefully) fixes the problem. But we have no way of knowing if a few hundred or a few hundred thousand iPads are affected or if a software update would fix the problem. If only a few hundred or even a few thousand users are affected, it just might be a corruption or installation issue and your delay in starting over could be for nothing.

  • Sheepish15 Level 1 Level 1

    GEOPIX, let us know how your iPad is doing 30 days and 60 days after you performed your process. Based on my experience, I doubt that your process will provide a permanent fix.


    I had to perform a full system reset in order to complete the upgrade to IOS 5.0. That was a few weeks after it was released. I did restore my backup data from IOS 4.x. There were no issues for a while. Then I started getting some Safari crashes. Then IOS 5.0.1 was released, and I upgraded and hoped the Safari crashes would be fixed -- they were not! Some time after that, I noticed that Safari crashes were becoming even more frequent. For weeks, Safari has been crashing every 8-10 web pages.


    Another problem that I am now seeing is a web page sometimes freezes part of the way through loading the page. I click the "X" to stop it and then click the circular arrow to refresh the page and it loads normally. That sounds like a network problem and I do have a cell phone modem, but I don't see web pages freeze during loading on my PC. So I am using my PC more and more and the iPad 1 less and less. I'm using my PC now to enter these compaints.

  • karenvb Level 1 Level 1

    There are too many posts to go back to but I'm wondering if this is an iPad1 only problem. I'm feeling cynical... Perhaps this is a way to encourage us to buy an iPad2. Having been a long time Mac user, I know this scenario doesn't fit the Apple MO but who knows?

  • skybert69 Level 1 Level 1

    I did the DFU restore on my ipad1 yesterday, and for a while it seemed to work. But today Safari has crashed several times, and also the Facebook app a couple of times. I set up the ipad as new unit, as suggested. So the DFU restore does not fix this problem, that came with the IOS5 upgrade.

  • BobH1.3.4.5 Level 1 Level 1

    I never had Safari crashes until iOS 5.  Since then no pattern but it will just close out back to the home screen.  Upon restart I will be back at same page and usually it will then stay.


    I'm using iPad 1


    Bob H

  • NVR2FST Level 1 Level 1

    I forgot to mention that I had that issue installing the update also. I had to reset everything to complete the update. It came up with an error. Forgot what it said but I had no choice but to restore it. So I lost all of my folders and I still haven't put all my apps back in new folders yet. I have a lot.

  • Dwight Brown Level 1 Level 1

    This has been a long discussion and, frankly, a great one because the topic is commonplace enough.


    There aren't many answers that seem useful to us as we experience crash after crash with our iPads. There's a way to get some more specific answers about crashes if you are aware of it. Below, I'll offer an insight and some added comments, for whatever value they may have for you.



    IF your iPhone, iPod or iPad, or even just an app, is freezing or crashing regularly, you may review your crash logs to diagnose any reportable issues. Crash logs contain information about what the iPad and its apps were doing just prior to crashing.


    To find a crash log file, sync your iPhone, iPod or iPad first, then locate the appropriate log files using the path for your OS shown below. An app's log file’s name should start with the app’s name, for example.


    Mac OS X

    ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<your iDevice’s name>/

    Windows XP


    C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\<your iDevice’s name>\


    Windows Vista

    C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\<your iDevice’s name>\



    Usually, an iDevice user chooses to allow the reporting of crashes to Apple, Inc. automatically, this being a choice when initially setting up your device. Each time a sync is made, the crash logs get reported. So, Apple has a pretty good idea who's crashing when and where, even why, already. If they acknowledged every crash of an iDevice individually, each and every email to you would have to be redundant to what you've just experienced for yourself. Rest assured, Apple learns a lot from the gross collection of crash reports.


    I've just taken a look at my orginal iPad's crash log which shows some 1,500 files, with at least 1,000 of the crashes related to the iPad's low memory. I sense that your review of your own iPad crash reports would pretty much mirror mine.


    This is a dilemma, for sure. First, the iPad is really just an original proof-of-concept device. Secondly, it has been designed with many factors in mind, one being product segmentation. Apple doesn't want the iPad to cannibalize the MacBooks too quickly so there must be some limitations built into the iPad to prevent unwanted occurrences. After all, the MacBooks make up 75% of Apple's business these days. Balancing the MacBooks and the iPads amounts to a dangerous business and the consequences of wrong decisions can become catastrophic.


    The amount of memory in the iPad is obviously limited, purposely. The Daily Newspaper demonstrated this fact early on. Today, Apple is pushing greater resolutions requiring bigger files for HD stuff and app developers are assuming, probably, that they can eventually force Apple to increase memory sizes in the iPads. We users expect the Pulse app, for example, to function without flaws but, of course, this app interacts directly with the internet where sites have files in sizes the iPad cannot easily handle. It's a programmer's nightmare, balancing memory requirements.


    Apple's competitors know all about these common crashes, too. Watch the tablets appear with greater amounts of memory offered, if only to make a manufacturer's products look technically superior to Apple's. However, Apple is famous for saying "NO!" to a lot of technology for sound reasons. But, future iPads are likely to include increased memory which means that our original iPads will quickly become out-of-date since many content providers either don't care to use appropriate technology or maybe they just seem to be assuming that the iPad will someday replace the notebook computer.


    Apple may not have anticipated the early enterprise adoption of the iPad but that adoption is becoming rampant and the demand to stop all this crashing will grow more loud quickly. Apple knows all about this issue and we might only wait for both software and hardware improvements. Content providers may hold the most immediate solution, though, by showing more discipline with their creations.

  • itsmeper Level 1 Level 1

    Sample LowMemory diognostic log from my Ipad 1. just tonight my Safari crash 10 times while searching the web about the issue.

    Incident Identifier: F75B8DA4-097F-4956-B768-E5A636D3BC9E
    CrashReporter Key: 8efcb8dbd056c88c5e28edfa668488e639c9210f
    Hardware Model: iPad1,1
    OS Version: iPhone OS 5.0.1 (9A405)
    Kernel Version: Darwin Kernel Version 11.0.0: Tue Nov 1 20:33:58 PDT 2011; root:xnu-1878.4.46~1/RELEASE_ARM_S5L8930X
    Date: 2012-01-05 23:46:31 +0800
    Time since snapshot: 63 ms


    Free pages: 690
    Wired pages: 30282
    Purgeable pages: 0
    Largest process: MobileSafari


    Name UUID Count resident pages
    installd 373
    syncdefaultsd 337
    securityd 227
    lsd <5b380bab4f83387fb3c5c3d9de8d5e31> 165
    MobileSafari <586de8c153f93939a9f42bec9d0d8bfd> 14591 (jettisoned) (active)
    MobileMail <7064f2baf3f23db987bc8ec99855fe53> 977 (jettisoned)
    pasteboardd <89a3457066f6346984e7d56929d128a2> 158
    networkd <6ee7a78e56073f6e8db4c2cc3265fdb4> 131
    ubd <7eaf0b0ca5b83afabecb0dfaa38c7a19> 337
    CVMServer 70
    aosnotifyd <58089d732ab43bbea0aec4a6f812f446> 374
    BTServer 194
    aggregated <68a25a1690cb372096543a46abed14d7> 328
    apsd 261
    dataaccessd 706
    fairplayd.K48 111
    fseventsd <78af02202422321885dfc85c24534b0e> 151
    iapd <3ee7f82879033b4fb93b9cf1f4ecae29> 308
    imagent <8e2042f2ec9e3af9ba400f031f1bbfa7> 333
    locationd <91c84ab19dd03e4ab1b4cc30178ab1c0> 635
    mDNSResponder 192
    mediaremoted 216
    mediaserverd <478e5e8345c83be5ba1868906813bb75> 1892
    wifid 244
    powerd <25ddef6b52e4385b819e777dd2eeed3c> 145
    lockdownd 205
    CommCenterClassi <3ef6d0094b5c39d3b77e558ad3018d24> 334
    syslogd 136
    SpringBoard <7506c20d86da3f1dbe9bf38f8bda253d> 7628 (active)
    configd <3430c0025ed13f56800a329b7254d2ae> 302
    notifyd <3793fabace3a385687b3c29c1fa1fcac> 203
    UserEventAgent <6e1cabc1ec6d372c90a6bdeaa7b258fa> 339
    launchd 127


  • limesoda Level 1 Level 1

    Guys, I found the solution. If you're jailbroken and have My3G installed, please remove My3G because it causes apps such as the App Store, or Safari since they are utilizing it.


    Hope this works for you guys!


    from Singapore

  • BobH1.3.4.5 Level 1 Level 1

    Of 293 responses in this thread ... I'd have a hard time believing all of them have jailbroke their device.


    I'm not jailbroke for the record.


    Bob H

    iPad 1

    iOS 5

  • sascha99 Level 1 Level 1



    No Jailbreak and the same Problem. I hope, that Apple can fix these Problem with the next IOS Update.

    The Apps on the ipad crash random every day. A reboot fix it for a little time.

    It isn't funny :(

  • ketels Level 1 Level 1

    I, too, have iPad safari crashes every day.  I have iPad I.  Convinced it's a memory issue.  It crashes with subscriptions from Newsstand, too.  I can keep it open - for a while - if I close all other apps...double click on home, hold down til bouncing and click on red minus sign.

  • CobraJet Level 1 Level 1

    This is a wide spread issue and is being discussed on MANY Internet forums.  Just do a Google search for:


    Safari crashing on vBulletin

    Safari crashing

    iPad crashing

    iPad crashes

    iPad safari issues






    Personally after spending nearly $700+ for an iPad 2 and having it constantly crash on vBulletin forums (BTW - which is the most used forum bulletin software on the web), it's ridiculous that Apple has not come out with a fix yet.  Especially since I'm seeing discussions dating back to October 2011 about this very issue.


    This problem is documented on nearly every vBulletin website and for those of us that are experiencing the issue, it CAN BE REPLICATED at any time with the affected device.  The problem is persistent on vBulletin software and the crash occurs as such:


    When the user is posting a new message, if the user is responding to an existing thread or if the user tries to send. Message via PM, in mid sentence, Safari instantly quits.  By quitting, I mean it shuts down completely, instantly in which the user loses all content they were typing.


    I know for a fact I can replicate the issue time and time again.  I too have cleared the cookies, safari cache, and the web listing.  It does not matter.  I have also disabled Java Script in Safari, however, that becomes a PIA when trying to surf sites that use heavy Java Script.


    My iPad 2 is the 64g model and has also been updated to OS 5.0.1 (9A405) and was purchased on December 24, 2011.


    Due to this incessant BUG, the iPad is becoming more of a brick.


    What's it going to take to get a fix for this very real and obvious issue that is plaguing many iPad users?  Does this thread and many others from multiple web forums need to be pushed over to one of the well known Tech News sites such as CNET, Gizmodo or better yet, contacting local television news sites and have their "investigative teams" go public via their media by going directly to Apple to get this resolved?  If this goes mainstream media, it's going to be an embarrassment for certain.


    The cost of these devices is not cheap, nor do folks want to spend $499 to $829 on a product that is supposed to offer superior web surfing and tablet abilities over the competition, but are now frustrated due to lack of response from Apple about this very well documented issue...


    I as well as others can produce the error logs and can replicate the issue  - the question remains:




    This is also coming from a Apple owner who has not just the new iPad, but an iPhone4, iPod Classic, a prior iPod 30g photo, iPod nanos and a MAC G4 mirror door tower (that is still used today).  I, like many of you, am an Apple Enthusiast and long term customer, however, when you can't use an iPad to visit many online communities/forums that utilize one of the most common forum software packages such as vBulletin, it's a disgrace.


    If Steve Jobs were still alive, I'm sure this issue would have been elevated to a much higher level and would be fixed BY NOW, instead of customers still having to put up with it for months on end with no response or resolution from Apple.

  • BillPappas Level 1 Level 1

    Two days ago I did the DFU Restore, selected setup as new device.  Spent many hours reorganizing my apps.  Started browsing, Safari lasted a couple of hours before starting to crash again.  It even crashed on this site when I was searching for this thread. APPLE GET IT FIXED!!!!!!!


    I used to tell people that the iPad was a great device, now I won't recommend to anyone.  This has went on to long, time for APPLE TO GET IT FIXED!!!!!!!!

  • surfer78 Level 1 Level 1

    I've just come off the phone with Apple UK and Ireland (I don't live near a Genius Bar so called 0844 209 0611) as I have an iPad 1 with the same issue. In the first instance they took me through a full backup and restore. 24hrs later and it was still crashing so I called them again.


    They say that they are not seeing this as a reported problem but that it sounds like a software issue. My case is being escalated to an engineer an I can expect an initial response within 48hrs. I did point out the 20 page thread here, numerous other web discussions and the fact that if you type in to Google "iPad Sa" it autcompletes with "iPad Safari Crash" but they say they are not seeing it as a reported problem.


    It's probably only taken me about 10-15 mins per call so it would certainly be helpful if Apple were receiving more problem reports and complaints directly to try and light a fire under them. 

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