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  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 Level 2

    If you purchased it an apple store, they have your date of purchase and can look it up. just ask an operator at applecare.


    If you purchased at best buy, they also can look it up.


    Your problem is unlike that described in this thread because it affects both the app store and Safari. You are however entitled to support. I do recommend the genius bar. There is however a DFU restore that is a more thorough restore than a regular one, that may work.


    There have been no threads about the app store crashing that I've seen yet. Please start your own thread, and link to it here so I and others can follow it. Take it to the genius bar, point out the symptoms, and let them determine the appropriate course. Do not make legal threats, and do not demand a replacement unless it is warranted. You are entitled to one under the warranty, but it may not fix anything that a thorough restore can't also do. I agree with you it tends to be either firmware or hardware at this point.


    It's possible you have an app stuck in the update cycle, or something. Try turning off automatic downloads as a diagnostic measure.

  • geopix Level 1 Level 1



    I'm also sorry to hear of your iPhone software troubles, as I encountered many iOS 5x crashing problems with my two-year-old iPad 1 for a short period in November and December of last year, just after installing iOS 5.0. When iOS 5,1 war released, I reformatted the iPad 1 from scratch and the problems alrgely went away. In March, I replaced the old iPad 1 with an iPad 3. Interestingly, we did not encounter any iOS 5 problems with two iPhones 4 units or a second iPad 1 unit in our household.


    It may be that you are the type of customer who should cut your losses and move on, especially if you think a Samsung phone is the answer. However, I'll warn you that those products have their own issues: the displays are decidedly mediocre, the plastic housings are not precision fit and don't hold up. Depending on the phone model, you may end up with an outdated version of the Google Android OS because carriers control the Android software update process and seldom allow upgrades. Operationally, an Android touchscreen often "lags" and doesn't always respond to gestures fluidly (compared to iOS). The Google Marketplace for software is a mess -- Anrdoid versions of Apps don't always have the same features or design quality as iOS versions and the download store is an order of magnitude more insecure. And I don't imagine many kids would be happy with a phone/music player that isn't an iPod.


    Also, you'd be throwing your support to a foreign company that many feel is pilfering American technology and designs. Apple customers stick with Apple solutions because on the whole, Apple's hardware is extremely well made and the software is excellent and unrivaled. When something goes wrong (and clearly it occasionally does), we prefer to stick it out because our long-term experience has left us confident that Apple fixes its problems in the end and makes customers happy. That said, I live near an Apple Store and also ALWAYS invest in AppleCare for Apple's mobile products, which may be why service has never been an issue for me in my 25 years as a customer.


    By the way, I erased and reformatted that old iPad 1 from scratch using the latest iOS 5.1.1 software and gifted it to my sister in Albuquerque. She set it up as a new device and has been using it for four months without incident (I was afraid it might start crashing on her and warned her of the potential problem, but she's had good luck with it. In fact, she says she's still VERY happy with it, as well as her iPhone 4 and 2008 MacBook Pro. Also, my significant other continues to use her old iPad 1 without crashes. Our contrasting experiences are very different -- and inconsistent. Such stories have left some others in this forum just as frustrated and befuddled as you. Good luck.

  • martinfromforchheim Level 1 Level 1


    What exactly did you do when you "reformatted that old ipad1from the scratch"?

    Set it back to supplier settings or something different ? I'd like to give it a try, but do not know how to do it actually.

    Thanks martin

  • JSandi Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I have a new iPad 2 that I received from the apple store as a replacement for another iPad 2 I owned for exactly 6 weeks that just died.


    Now I'm on this new replacement iPad and I too am having random safari crashes along with other odd crashes like accessing settings, etc...


    I've tried just about every single trick listed, I've turned off nearly everything I can find that I don't use. Removed all apps, and did a clean restore to like new. Didn't restore to any backup.


    I've disabled iCloud completely and I'm still getting random crashes...


    So apple needs to get to work and solve this problem, NOW!

  • scvdesigns Level 1 Level 1

    I still get random crashes too. Using iPad1. No matter what I do Safari still crashes. Tried disabling iCloud, deleting apps, double clicking the home button and deleting apps I don't really need to have "at ready"; even switched to another browser and it still crashes.

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 Level 2

    My ipad 2 is fine. My friend's ipad 1 is fine. Have you guys done a dfu restore? There are no browsers that aren't powered by webkit on ios. Have you consulted with apple?


    Are your devices jailbroken?



  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 Level 2

    Make sure all your apps are updated before doing dfu restore.

  • scvdesigns Level 1 Level 1

    My iPad1 is not jail broken. I did not do a dfu restore. Ah - do I have to? Had to do that with my iPhone and it was not fun.

  • martinfromforchheim Level 1 Level 1

    I use a system monitoring app and found that with using the ipad more and more systems memory is used for processes  of the category "other". This happens the faster the more memory- needing apps you use like picture processing or safari with many open tabs. Shutting off cures it but only for a  short while. So this is not the solution but a hint to the problem. This never happened before IOS 5.0. Obviously the new ios is not clearing memory regurlary or Sufficiently.


    To have a bug once in a while is understandable. What i do not understand is why Apple was not able to fix it up to now after several updates of the ios and clear information on the problem. This discussion is running for more than 1 year now.


    I was thinking about buying a new ipad since the crashes were not reported with ipad2 at first. But now there are even this entries here.


    Do the have a problem they are not able to fix or is apple to arrogant to care?

    Are there too less complaints?


    Very irritating!

  • martinfromforchheim Level 1 Level 1

    What is a DFU restore? How is it performed? And why do think this could cure an IOS bug?

  • scvdesigns Level 1 Level 1

    Love your last question: "Do they (Apple) have a problem they are not able to fix or is apple to arrogant to care?"

  • scvdesigns Level 1 Level 1

    DFU restore is a sequence of holding down and letting go of top button and home button while iPad is connected to your computer (and after apps have been updated.) The primary reason is to change the firmware. It's usually done for jailbroken iPods, iPhones. And I am not sure why it was suggested for anon-jailbroken iPads. Seems like Apple would have suggested it on THEIR OWN HOSTED FORUM. You would think they comb this thing like crazy if they were truly interested in the performance of their devices and making their customers happy. There are folks on this forum who have returned their iPads to Apple and were given new ones - only to find the same darned thing is happening again. Go figure.

  • martinfromforchheim Level 1 Level 1

    Read some threads on DFU and know now what it is. Thanks to your explanation as well.

    Maybe it is worth a try, but i i am not very hopeful that this will solve the crashing problem.


    My question if they may not care is because i am really astonished. Apple is (was) known for being very careful with their product quality. Thats why they have this enourmous restrictions to software and a very close look on what people are doing using apple products, especially if they are developping software.

    Their customers are willing to pay the high price and live with their spy mentality just because of that quality of hardware AND software.


    Isn't it really surprising that this bug is still not fixed?

    Or should i say "frustrating" or " dissatisfying" or even "breaking the magic and bringing apple down to earth- ing" ?

  • Christof60 Level 1 Level 1

    There is a reason that after Steve was fired from Apple that they nearly became insolvent.... He came back and to only saved Apple, but made them the behemoth they are.... He's gone again..... I am NOT surprised in what's going on now, from this problem to releasing iPad 3 with fancy screen and camera, but no Siri... My wife has YET to use the very nice cam on her iPad 2 for anything but FaceTime, I mean c'mon, who in the **** is going to carry around a camera the size and shape of the iPad?? It DIDN'T need a better camera, and the screen upgrade is arguable... No Siri is about the most bonehead move they could have made, and has kept many, including me, of upgrading from my iPad 1....

    Steve would kick their arse...

  • ralphfromredmond Level 1 Level 1

    My iPad 1 has been crashing forever, I even got a new iPad 1 with the warranty.  But, the newer iPad 1 still crashes.  Today, I turned off iCloud completely.  Guess what?  iPad has not not crashed since then.  Cross my fingers that this helps the situation.

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