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I'm having trouble publishing new pages to my website. Previously when I clicked on "Publish" the pages went directly to my MobileMe/iDisk account. iWeb would then ask if I wanted to tell others and/or go to the site. Now it tells me that my pages have been published to the "selected folder." I believe the problem stems from my installation of Webcrusher. Since my pages have a lot of images I want to do all I can to secure rapid loading of the pages and Webcrusher seemed a good solution. But I think it configured iWeb to load the pages to the "selected file". I have found the "selected file" and it did contain the new pages. So did my domain file in the standard iWeb folder in the Library Directory.

So, I want to get back to iWeb publishing directly to MobileMe but the Publish Site Changes button is grayed out. I have taken the following actions to reactivate the button: uninstalled Webcrusher (using Clean App), deleted the preferences file, rebooted (numerous times), reinstalled iLife '09, and tried launching iWeb by clicking directly on the domain file. Button is still gray.

I know that I have the option of using an FTP or even dragging the pages to iDisk (although that part confuses me since I can't really seem to find the "pages" just all of the bits and pieces of same) but I would really like to have the simplicity of my iWeb back.

All help appreciated.

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