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Just got an iPod Classic - everything works fine when using headphones, but I was hoping to use it plugged into my home stereo as well. It's an older tuner/amp with your typical L & R RCA connectors for Video, Aux, Phono, etc.

I bought a cable that splits from stereo 1/8" to RCA cables and getting the iPod output through the stereo, but the volume is rather low. I.e. iPod volume maxed out and stereo volume turned very high, and still doesn't quite fill the room. Is there a trick to getting it to play at a reasonable volume on a home stereo? Or some accessory that'll make this possible?

Thanks in advance...
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    When you use the sound out of the headphone jack over RCA (L/R) cables then it is going to be the case as you stated in your post above. Sound is not robust and even the maxed out sound coming out of the iPod is not enough and lacks the punch.

    To be effective at this you need to pull the sound out of the dock port, which has a line level audio and send it into your stereo's L/R channels via RCA cable.

    If you do a search on Google for "iPod Dock to RCA" then you will see a bunch of sites selling these cables. One example [*is shown here*|http://www.shop.com/CablesTo+Go+iPod+audio+cable+4+ft+-127367841-o.xhtml].

    Have a good day.

    Axel F.
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    Ah, that makes sense. I spoke with a couple guys at the Apple store and told them exactly what I wanted to do, sounds like they gave some bad info...

    Will I want to use the dock port to plug into a car stereo as well? Or is the headphone jack cable enough for that?
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    Same principle for the car as well. You will do better with car stereo out of the headphone jack than you did with the home stereo though. I recommend getting the sound from the dock connector at any time you want to listen from external speakers.

    Axel F.