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My brother will be leaving for Kazakhstan in a month or two, and will be bringing a lone iPad with him. As he will likely be in need of sharing PDFs and collaboration files with some colleagues, I was checking around for a solution what will allow him to do so with the least amount of hassle.

First off, it's an international mathematics competition that they'll be going to, and that being the case, the internet will be shut off for possible stretches of 3-4 days for security reasons. As Airsharing HD seems to be the most convenient non-jailbreak method of sharing files on the iPad, my question is, does anyone know if an Airport Express is capable of creating a local area network without any internet-sourced IP addresses, allowing his iPad (Airsharing in particular) to interact with other Macs / PCs through a single network? If AE can't generate IP addresses for devices that connect to it, does anyone have an idea if the Airport Express can be used to wirelessly extend a switch / hub? The venue will likely have no active wireless networks, nor can I assume that internet cafes will be accessible to them.

Assuming that the venue has no internet connectivity at all, file-sharing seems to be a problem so far with the iPad. I was considering the Camera Connection kit, but it appears to transfer only pictures and (non-playing) video. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    The AirPort Express can create a wireless network without an internet connection. Simply set it up to "create a wireless network" and ignore the messages that the device does not have an internet connection.
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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Since there's a big possibility that my brother's colleagues don't own Macs, or will probably have Windows notebooks without any access to Airport Utility, I suppose he'll have to set the AE up the way you said and password-protect the network before leaving for his trip.

    I'll tell him to buy an AE and we'll test it out later this week then.
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    You could set the Airport Express up ahead of time, or if might need to administrate it with a Windows machine, it might be a good idea to download AirPort Utility 5.5.1 for Windows.

    While you can configure the AX using wireless (it broadcasts a default network for setup purposes), you can also connect directly from a computer to the AX using an ethernet cable. Once you have it configured, disconnect the ethernet cable as it is no longer needed.
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    I am replying to this topic because i have a somewhat similar question/problem.
    I have a Windows 7 desktop- full of music in itunes.
    the thing i'd like to do is use this pc, without monitor/keyboard/mouse, as a music server and output the audio to my stereo.
    Works flawlessly directly to my stereo (using monitor, keyboard and mouse). Works flawlessly if the desktop PC is connected to my current wired/wired network (i'm using the Apple program "Remote" on my ipad/iphone.

    Thing is, out where my stereo system is, i don't get a good internet signal (wireless) and don't want to run a cable along the floor to the other end of the house.

    So, I purchased an Airport Express-
    I hooked up my Desktop to it via an ethernet cable, setup the airport express to create it's own wireless network (ignoring the notifications about not being connected to the internet), and used my iphone/ipad and the Apple Remote program.
    ipad/iphone can see the wireless network created, but itunes on the computer does not see my ipad or iphone.
    if i unplug the desktop from the airport express, and plug it into my existing wired/wireless network (using the LONG ethernet cable), instantly itunes sees my ipad/iphone as a remote.
    What's the difference? What am i missing?
    i've turned off the windows firewall, etc.
    something about the change in network (from one with internet access to one without) is causing the issue.