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    Holy Hannah!  That was scary!  It took a couple of times but finally worked for me-thankfully!

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    HELPPPPPPPPPPPP ANYONE!!!!!!     My ipad mine just died overnight, I was using it before I went to bed, it was 55% and charging.  I woke up the next morning and it was completely off....DEAD   I tried all the usual tricks, holding the sleep and home button, trying another USB cable, another charger, tried to get it to start in iTunes, it's not even recognized by the computer, neither apple or windows.  I finally took it to the Apple Genius? Bar and they didn't do anything but try another cable and said that's was all the troubleshooting that they could do.   It's under warranty so I can get it replaced but I have over 100 pics from a wedding and my Christmas Party last weekend which are not backed up on itunes or iCloud   

    Reluctantly I left the apple store in search for help to get my ipad on and recover my data before I swap it out.   I had read many similar post of people getting their ipad to restart but I'm having no luck.  It won't charge, it wont turn on, it won't register on USB or itunes.  I just want to drop it off the roof and see if that will help    ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!   Someone please reply ASAP    


    Reisa Alexa

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    Try warming it up by letting it sit in your laptop (back-side down) - but not too hot - for a couple of minutes. If it is warm enough, hold the HOME + POWER buttons for 10-15 seconds, see if it boots.


    It seems that the iPad goes dead if it is too cold (especially during winter).

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    So I'm having a terrible time with my ipad mini. This is the THIRD.. yes I said THIRD, ipad mini that has died on me within 4 months. I have similar stories to others, I charge it in the wall, and when I come back it won't turn on. I've trouble shooted EVERYTHING and nothing has worked for me. I've plugged it into the wall and left it for 20 mins, Ive held down the home and sleep button, it doesn't come up in itunes.


    As you can probbaly guess I'm very annoyed and want to throw it out the window! No one has really told me WHAT was wrong they only replaced it.


    The only thing I can think of is that it's an app on my ipad mini that is causing the problem. Has anyone encountered this problem and if so help a brother out!

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    Thank you. 


    Our iPad mini was fully charged.  It became very cold in the winter storm, while near an outside window.


    I moved it to a warm location and used to homee + on buttons to wake it up.


    Fortunately while traveling, we have iPhones and another iPad to use to access this forum to obtain a solution.


    What a relief to not haul around two heavy laptops while traveling.

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    Thank you so much for the suggestion of pressing the two buttons together. Mine finally came back to life. When it did it was 68% charged. I have no idea what happened. I have the iPad 3 since it came out in March of 2012 and this is the first time that something like this has happened. It worked fine last night and when I went to use it this morning it was dead. I had tried different chargers and nothing until I tried the two buttons as suggested. I live in FL and it was also indoors at about 72 degrees when this happened, so I know it's not the the cold weather that caused this. No clue why this happened, but am glad to have it back.

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    Thank you sooooo much this helped me ~ holding down the start & home button it came back to life.

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    I had the problem quite a few of you have been discussing in regards to your Ipad devices be used until the device shuts down from a low battery.   I plugged my ipad into the electrical outlet and then the ipad would show the red dead battery, then show the apple icon, and then immediately shut down and would complete the same steps repeatedly for a few hours.   I was getting so frustrated.  I then happened upon the idea of the power source.   After much trial and error it was quite an easy fix to rectify this problem I was experiencing.  Apple has a few different wall plugs for there devices and each has a different volt or watt output.   For the ipad you have to use a 12W plug.  The rectangular Plug. Once I realized this my ipad rebooted right away and I have full use of my device.  Hope this helps. 

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    my 16 gb ipad 4 had 36% battery , my mom kept it in her cupboard overnight without cover and when i took it out it was very cool from backside and it had stopped working , i have tried all things like sleep/wake button pressed for 2-3 mins

    , sleep/wake button pressed with home button for 2-3 mins , i left it to charge but there was no response..........


    i need help !!!!!!!!!!!


    and if other suggestions don't work,

    i think then i'll go to apple store,

    hope it brings my ipad back to life!!!!!



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    Thanks for posting this. Just had the same problem with my girlfriends Ipad and after reading your post I woke it up. Made her very happy.

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    I too had the dead iPad problem, cold, dark, useless.  After charging fruitlessly (it was ALREADY charged when it died, but I couldn't think of anything else except pressing home or sleep button endlessly), checked this forum this morning and saw the two button solution...which worked!  Thank heavens.


    My only worry -- will it continue working?  Was it the cold (and it's VERY cold right now here in Connecticut) that did it?  Will it happen all over again?  Worry, worry, worry.  I'd love to hear from people who have used this solution about the duration of the fix!

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    I need help.......


    My ipad3 isn't charging either. I got new cable, power adapter (12w) and try the home power button and it's still not charging. At fist when I press the home power button, apple logo will show but after 3-4 tries, only the battery logo pop up. No letter how long I press the 2 button, the apple logo is not popping up anymore. Please help....

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    i tryed all you sugested and it still will not turn on or charge i reset erased everything it only showes the baterry and every now and then an apple

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    I set down my tablet (with the youtube app open), which fell asleep in 10 minutes. When I came back, it was dead. Nothing had happened to it, I know it didn't die, it's not responding to the computer or charger, and I can't get it to wake up. I tried the whole two-button thing, several times, for 30 seconds at a time, but it isn't working. I don't get it. Any help?

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    In my case, I had been keeping my iTunes library on an external drive (not backed up, wah) that failed.


    I think my (first generation) iPad has been trying to connect with itunes via wifi when I'm not looking, and running down the battery. And of course my iTunes library has disappeared with my external drive (no actual iTunes tunes)...  Is that possible?


    I can get no response at all when I'm connected to my Mac Mini.


    When I'm plugged into the wall, the apple comes and goes occasionally. If I hold the Home button down long enough, there's screen indicating I should connect by USB to iTunes.


    But when I unplug from the wall, the screen disappears and won't come back when I reconnect to the Mini.


    The two-button trick ain't working for me, plugged or unplugged.



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