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Hey all, my iPhone got stolen about a week ago. I've suspended my service with AT&T and everything, so I'm not worried about being billed, but I want to get my iPhone back or at least catch the thief. AT&T says they can't help me with that, so I'm wondering what Apple could do.

I understand that my iPhone would have a serial number and an IMEI number. My question is, when the thief plugs the iPhone into his computer's iTunes, or logs into his iTunes account, can Apple use iTunes to track him down when they recognize my phone's IMEI or s/n? Since the thief's credit card information is probably stored in his iTunes account, could Apple (or would Apple) then use the credit card info to track down the thief and get my iPhone back?

I'm aware that Apple isn't a law enforcement agency. But my friend tells me that if I've made a police report, I can ask the police to ask Apple to help track down my stolen iPhone using the iPhone's serial number/IMEI transmitted through the thief's iTunes account or iTunes connection. What does everyone think?