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SpringfieldMH Level 1 (0 points)
On iPad, was originally able to go into Settings > Cellular Data > View Account and view the account info. Now cannot. If try using correct email address and password, get message that account or password are incorrect. If try entering just the email address and clicking "forgot password", get "the email address you entered does not match the email address on file for this device".

But the 3G cellular is still working.

Don't know if related, but this problem began after the reports of the 100,000 iPads/users hack. Leads me to wonder if I got hacked.... or more likely if the system/database that "View Account" normally accesses is offline or being reworked by AT&T.

Any suggestions? Best AT&T contact via Internet? By phone #? By local AT&T store? Via Apple? Use iTunes to reset to factory defaults and start over (risk loss of unlimited plan?)?.


iPad, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • DMangus Level 1 (70 points)
    I hate responding with "user error" but in this case it seems most likely. Prior to that event ATT would auto populate the email address. It does not anymore. I would suggest you try any of your other email addresses as you may have used a different address. If that fails, contact ATT, phone is probably best, as you may have mistyped the email address upon registration.
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    I doubt this is user error. I am experiencing exact same thing. Can no longer access my ATT account. I had a $15 a month plan and need to re-subscribe every month or sooner. Can no longer get into my account "email address you entered does not match the email address on file for this device". I had accessed my account quite a few times to check my usage since I was trying to determine if I would need the unlimited plan. Some time after the security breach at ATT I could no longer access my account.

    Any help appreciated.
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    We have been experiencing the same problem. Spent a couple of hours on the phone with AT&T and got nowhere before we got cut off. Will be trying again to resolve the problem with AT&T on monday. Has anyone had any luck in resolving the issue?
  • lllaass Level 10 (176,168 points)
    AT&T has been overwhelmed by people pre-ordering the new iPhone.
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    Had same issue. Call AT&T. Tell them to reset, change ur password and tell it to you. Then get on your ipad under bad email with new password and edit information , your email can only be changed under view accounts on ipad. AT&T can't change email but can change password and they have record of the incorrect password. It took us over three hours and multiple reps to figure this out.
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    See my post below in thread. Hope I help you all. For me, I did tpe in incorrectly. But they can fix, read my thread
  • Matthew Larson Level 1 (20 points)
    Oh, my Lord. What a hassle.

    I started to set up Cellular data, and got interrupted. Now, it gives me the "the email address you entered...." error.

    15 minutes on the phone with AT&T - so far they have been ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS and UTTERLY USELESS.

    I really wish Apple would divorce themselves from this unholy union with AT&T.
  • Matthew Larson Level 1 (20 points)
    20 minutes with the first Muppet from AT&T.

    "The iPad is a self-serve device. We can't reset your account".

    Then she got an attitude.

    AT&T - a pretty decent network here, but the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE THERE IS. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST. BAR NONE.
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    Hi All,

    I had this very same problem. It turns out that when I first set up my iPad under Settings > Cellular Data > View Account, I had mistyped my email address!

    It is an ATT issue that can only be resolved by ATT, not Apple. Anyway, it took a long time with ATT to figure out who I should be speaking with, after many transfers. It is 'ATT Mobility' that you need to call, and their number is 800-331-0500. They can easily find your data account from the iPads "Cellular Data Number". This is under Settings > General, listed under its serial number.

    They were able to tell my email address (I mistyped a letter), and then since I knew my password was able to log in then...

    I hope this helps.
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    Here is the solution. I just successfully resolved the problem. Call 800-331-0500. Ask for someone in the iPad support department. Must be someone in the iPad department or you won't get any satisfaction. On your iPad go to Settings, General, About and then give the ATT technician your cellular data number and your IMEI number....both listed under "About"......They will then be able to reset your password and verify that your email is correct.
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    Thanks for the replies, I just had the same problem yesterday and it was a misspelled e-mail address, BUT, it did take me three calls to AT&T and more than two and a half hours. The first person didn't even know what I was talking about and gave me a number for iPad support which turned out to be Apple's, so... no help. The second person told me they were there only to solve iPhone problems until I read her your posts, then she tried and tried until the call was cut off (this is AT&T after all). But the third person finally understood, even though it took her almost an hour to get to their iPad support department (she told me it was busy all the time) not before trying with their "technical department" also. I just can't believe that Apple sells millions of these things and AT&T can't supply a direct phone number for this department, or doesn't even train their personnel.
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    By using the Cellular Data Number as my wireless number when calling 1-800-331-0500 and selecting speak to customer service representative I was routed directly to a rep that immediately could help me with my miss-typed email address (was missing the L in gmail)She corrected the address and verified I was able to access my account information in less than 5 minutes. She spend another 5 minutes walking me through canceling and adding data plans. I have to say best experience ever with an ATT rep. Fast and knowledgeable. The entire call lasted less than 10 minutes. She told me the trick was by using Cellular Data number as the wireless number they knew I was an iPad account. The number is found under settings, general, about, Cellular Data Number. Don't really need to know the IMEI number.
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    Thanks, Rollingstone!    I had the exact same experience with "Jason".   Using the Cellular Data # as my phone number got me in.   Because I had the incorrect email address (I used the wrong @field), he did ask my IMEI # for security purposes.   He fixed my email addy problem, helped me with one other micro-issue (I need printed receipts for the data plan), and sent me on my way.    Total time:  6 minutes....NO HOLD!  

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    Thanks as well Rollingstone49.  The 1-800-331-0550 plus cellular data phone number got me to the right person. Temporary password given on the phone and I was  done in less than 10 minutes.

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