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    Ryan Vetter1 wrote:
    As I noted in my post, for more complex documents, I understand the need for InDesign. And yes, I have used it, and yes, it is more powerful than Pages for DTP. That's self-evident.

    I stand by Pages being the killer app...

    If it's a novel, Pages is perfect. You don't need InDesign. If it's a non-complex book with some graphics, you still don't need InDesign. If it's more complex, with pictures and graphics and different layouts, you'll want to use InDesign.

    What I know of right now is that there are people using Pages to create books. Even complex books. They then use it as a mock up. All the text, graphics, etc. are then copied over to InDesign and put together. It may seem like more work, but if you understand the process, it's essential. For example, there are many self-publishers, and some don't know how to use InDesign. They create their book in Pages and hand it off to a Professional DTP. With the Pages file/PDF, the designer has a template they can easily follow.

    It doesn't take that long for the designer to replicate the book in InDesign, and it saves money because the author isn't just handing over a mess of files and rough instructions. The designer has a PDF of a book complete with images, graphics, layouts, etc.

    Therefore, what I am saying is that, for some people, Pages does in fact fit into the publishing process, be it print or digital.

    Thanks Ryan. I agree totally!
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    Barbara Brundage wrote:
    I myself would ten million times rather use Pages than ID in any situation whatever, but however much I might want it to do so, it just can't cut the cheese

    Funny! Lots of mixed software uses and metaphors flying around.

    Barbara Brundage wrote:
    Incidentally, although I haven't used Quark in many years, they announced an improved ebook workflow a couple of weeks ago.

    Thanks, but no thanks. No more Quark in my bag.
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    Chris Hayden wrote:
    danegeld wrote:
    beta version of Storyist

    About Storyist. There's a review on the most recent release version at

    Storyist 25% discount coupon code "EZEPUB"
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    Hi all


    I have a problem with Pages (latest version) and uploading my ebook to Apple's iBookstore. Apple says that PDF can be used with Pages 4.0.5 and used as an ePub. Doesn;t give any example of this. I have written a 112 page book using the DTP mode of Pages. Output it as a PDF and transferred it to my iPad. Works fine. Tried to upload it to Apple and I can't select it as a PDF. Change the .PDF to .pub and it's icon changes to a . pub doc, I can now select it but it doesn't upload. The error is: that the file contains more than one resource.


    What's the score withPages, PDF and ePub?



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