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Schmange Level 1 Level 1
Every time I restart now I get numerous warning messages saying:

"Insecure Startup Item Disabled"
"/Library/StartupItems/**various different files**" has not been started because it does not have the proper security settings.

There's a whole slew of them ranging from Digidesign Mbox to PACESupport etc...

If I go to my startup items folder and try to trash them, it says I can't because I don't have permission.

I've repaired the permissions numerous times but these files just can't be deleted.

Any ideas?

Mac Pro Core 8, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10
    Which StartupItems folder are they in? The one in the /Library/ folder or in the /Home/Library/ folder? If the former you might give this a try:

    Open the terminal application in your Utilities folder and at the prompt enter the following:
    sudo chown -R root:wheel
    Put a space after "root:wheel" then drag the icon of the /Library/StartupItems/ folder into the Terminal window, then press RETURN. You will be prompted to enter your admin password which will not be echoed.

    Now you should be able to delete the individual startup items.

    This error arises because one or more of the startup items were improperly installed or are no longer compatible and need to be updated or removed. You should contact the software developer to report the problem and to get updates if available.