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I am new at this and have just bought the IPAD for my husband who is in
chemo and radiation therapy and needs to pull his email from bed to keep busy. Alot of his emails have wave files that use quicken, when will this application be available for IPAD users or will it never be available?

Ipad, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
Reply by lllaass on Jun 16, 2010 12:04 PM Helpful
I am confused. A Google search says wave files are wav files which is an audio format. If the file type you are referring to is associate with Quicken then contact the Quicken people. They need to write an app for that.
Reply by Tom Gewecke on Jun 16, 2010 12:14 PM Helpful
Alot of his emails have wave files that use quicken,

Perhaps you mean files that use Quicktime?

In any case, the supported formats for email attachments have been listed in the tech specs since Jan. 27. No can tell you if or when those are going to change.


If it is not there, best to switch to a laptop/netbook.

You can ask Apple for more here:


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