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  • Stefan Siebeker Level 1 (10 points)
    Hi Mike,

    perfect. You made my day. It works same as before. Thank you very much for the last post concerning downloading and replacing.

    Best regards

  • DuanerT Level 1 (0 points)
    I know this thread is about subscribing in iCal, but here is my problem, I can't seem to create a new wiki and get the calendar to work, it just spins getting events from server.
  • jaydisc Level 4 (1,400 points)
    I, too, got bit by this. I'm very grateful for some of the solutions posted here, but after some thinking, I decided that it's really not in any of our best interest to have our businesses or our clients' businesses depend on an unsupported feature. As such, I created new user accounts to represent each group calendar account. I've deployed it to my staff and it's really working quite well.

    *The Negatives:*
    1. We no longer have a web view of our group calendars
    2. Delegations must be manually created - HOWEVER, using calendarservermanageprincipals you can delegate to an entire group saving the painstaking work and maintenance of delegating per user.

    *The Positives:*
    1. Only one account needs to be created in each copy of iCal (adding wiki accounts was a pain and really wan't something that most users could do)
    2. Group calendars can now send and receive invites (like resources or locations, they can be set to auto-accept too using calendarservermanageprincipals)
    3. iCal can enable/disable all calendars for a group with one checkbox

    Once I discovered calendarservermanageprincipals, it now seems well worth it to do it this way, the supported way.

    Are there any other negative or positive aspects you guys can think of? What reasons are holding you back from doing it this way?
  • cpguru21 Level 1 (55 points)

    Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this worked on my server.


    I purchased 10.6.1 server and was originally advertised with group wikis calendars, which is one of the reasons we specifically bought it.

    Thanks Again!!!

    pps: my process was to sudo cp the to desktop/principal.old then make a copy, giving myself read write access through get info. then after verifying I still had the original un-edited, did a sudo mv /desktop to /original location/

    Of course stopped ical before started. Restarted ical after and group wikis are working again!


    soooo happy!
  • no1tmorrow Level 1 (10 points)
    I am having a problem still.
    I stopped ICal Server
    Deleted .pyc File
    Downloaded .pr file (link provided earlier in thread)
    Rebooted computer.
    In Ical changed /principals/wikis/groupname to /principals/_uids_/wiki-groupname and I get the below error in ical.

    The server responded with an error.

    The request for account “” failed.

    The server responded with
    “HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error”
    to operation CalDAVRefreshDelegateListQueueableOperation.

    I haven't done the "if" fix since I don't know how to get the "fancy UID".

    Please help....
  • no1tmorrow Level 1 (10 points)
    I know you guys know what I did wrong.... I am desperate here.

  • SmartMarc Level 1 (60 points)
    You can get the fancy HEX thing by entering the wiki url into your browser:

    Open Safari and enter:
    "https://your.server.url:8443/principals/wiki-yourgroupname/" (if you're using ssl)

    You will be prompted to enter you username and password and then see a grey page titled "Collection listing for /principals/_uids_/wiki-yourgroupname"

    The first link on that that page is the fancy HEX thing.
  • no1tmorrow Level 1 (10 points)
    Awesome. Thanks

    I also found out that some how my security certificate got messed up and I recreated it and it is all fixed.

  • Elliot Hui Level 1 (20 points)
    Wow, the new Wiki Server Update 1.0, as one of its features, promises, "allowing access to wiki group calendars from the iCal client." I guess it IS officially supported now!

    Has anyone tried applying the update?
  • DurocShark Level 1 (10 points)
    Is that the line included in the current 10.6.4? Was there an earlier 10.6.4?

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  • Elliot Hui Level 1 (20 points)
  • WiMi_de Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes, I tried the Wiki update and it seems to be running. All the promised issues seemed to be solved. I also applied the patch from Andre and there is no problem after Updating with Wiki Server Update.
    Thanks to the guys Apple!
    But if a group calendar is now official supported: When could we invite people from the group calendar? Or, when can we can use delegates in group calendar?
    When is there an address book database for the group Wiki based on LDAP and CardDAV with a nice interface like it is in mobileme?
    When will there be a gender tag/field (not only "is company") for people in the address book?
  • Yarnik Level 1 (0 points)
    Dear All,

    I believe I have found another way of making wiki calendars available to iCal.

    It's fairly straight forward, and involves creating a delegation directly in the calendaruserproxy.sqlite database. Typed commands in bold.

    Example (for my seminars wiki for my test user GUID):
    bash# *sqlite3 /Library/CalendarServer/Data/calendaruserproxy.sqlite*
    SQLite version 3.6.12
    Enter ".help" for instructions
    Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"
    sqlite> *INSERT INTO "GROUPS" (groupname,member) VALUES('wiki-seminars#calendar-proxy-write','B9169F8F-B012-4396-B41E-83C6BADD70 93');*
    sqlite> .quit

    Then restart iCal server. The calendar appears in the list of delegated calendars. Scheduling still doesn't work unfortunately.

    I'm amazed that Apple make this so difficult. There's obviously a need for a better UI here. A non-user principal like resources/locations would be the obvious way to impliment this.
  • ndutyme Level 1 (0 points)
    We applied the Wiki Server Update 1.0 and it fixed the problem of adding wiki calendars in the iCal client. However, delegation through the iCal client doesn't work anymore.

    When you try, it goes like this:

    You add a wiki calendar account in iCal client (successfully), then you goto the delegation tab and click on the EDIT button. You can click the plus button and it will let you lookup a user (not a group) successfully, but will give an error saying "The server responded with an error. Access to calendar is not permitted."

    We really like the ability to have web based wiki calendars and be able to access and manage delegation through iCal client. Just like it still works in our Leopard Server (10.5.x).

    Does anyone know if you can use the calendarservermanageprincipals to assign delegation of a group and/or user to a wiki calendar resource?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Matt Riley Level 2 (225 points)
    Brand new 10.6.4 server setup here and I can't get wiki calendars working.

    I've made a new group and created a wiki for that group to use. No problem. However, when I click on the calendar link for that wiki, I just get a "Getting events from server..." dialog and nothing ever happens. I've tried turning the calendar service for this wiki off/on, restarting the iCal service on the server, etc. but nothing seems to help.

    I can access user accounts for calendars using iCal and the web interface just fine. Just the group wiki calendar isn't working. Very frustrating. Here's some info from the iCal server logs when I get the "Getting events from server..." endless dialog:


    2010-09-14 00:15:05-0500 [-] [caldav-8009] [QueryProtocol,client] [calendarserver.provision.root#error] Failed to look up wiki token (('301', 'Moved Permanently'))
    2010-09-14 00:15:06-0500 [-] [caldav-8009] [PooledMemCacheProtocol,client] [] Returning existing wiki record with UID wiki-pubprint
    2010-09-14 00:15:06-0500 [-] [caldav-8009] [PooledMemCacheProtocol,client] [] Returning existing wiki record with UID wiki-pubprint
    2010-09-14 00:15:06-0500 [-] [caldav-8009] [PooledMemCacheProtocol,client] [twistedcaldav.extensions#info] PROPFIND /principals/wikis/pubprint/ HTTP/1.1
    2010-09-14 00:15:06-0500 [-] [caldav-8009] [QueryProtocol,client] Exception rendering:
    2010-09-14 00:15:06-0500 [-] [caldav-8009] [QueryProtocol,client] Unhandled Error
    2010-09-14 00:15:06-0500 [-] [caldav-8009] Traceback (most recent call last):
    2010-09-14 00:15:06-0500 [-] [caldav-8009] Failure: exceptions.ValueError: ('301', 'Moved Permanently')
    2010-09-14 00:15:06-0500 [-] [caldav-8009]


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Approaching wits end here.

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