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Hello - I have a 27" iMac and somehow have developed scratches/hairline cracks in the glass that sits over the LCD display. They aren't terrible - but it's enough to be a distraction/annoyance because they are right in the center of the display where my eyes look all the time. I couldn't find anything on this board that was specifically directed at this.

Has anyone had the glass replaced, and if so, do you know about how much it costs? I assume Apple can do this if I take it into the local Apple Store?

iMac 27", Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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This may vary by store, and availability of parts. Take it to your local store and ask. Let them know how well you've treated the machine.
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    This may vary by store, and availability of parts. Take it to your local store and ask. Let them know how well you've treated the machine.
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    When I was unwrapping my new iMac 27" last week, I notice what I though was glue on the glass? This was located about 6x3cm from the bottom left hand corner. Upon starting the mac up I notice this wasn't glue, but in fact a defect to the glass on the inside. Like it was cracked, pitted on the inside.

    I got in contact with the reseller who sent out a replacement straight away. I also spoke to apple about this and they suggested I take the mac to the local Apple Store and get the glass swap out (sorry apple not an option!).

    My replacement arrived today from the reseller and I've noticed another defect in the screen. This time on the bottom right of the screen. So I will see what Apple have about it this this time?
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    I had a foreign object behind my 27 and sent it back, i wish i hadn't at least it worked, my replacement had faulty screen (flickering pixels), i sent that one back, my second replacement has a scuff on the front panel it has cost me hours of emails not to mention the phone calls and time off work for delivery and pick up of faulty ones.
    My 27 came from china because i had an upgrade so could be the answer, i am still emailing and they want to send another one but i have no confidence in their ability to ship a perfect one so will have to keep the scuffed one, it is a disgrace.
    good luck with yours.
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    I too am having problems with the glass on my Imac 27" . I bought it from a re-seller and it arrived wrapped in the nice white soft cloth bag , but no protective film on the glass itself. The re-seller said take it to an Apple/mac store and they will replace it . I just feel weird going in and telling them that I bought it on-line and it arrived like that. As well as the store is quite a distance from me. I want to replace the glass myself because it looks simple to change but can anyone tell me what part# I would need to order? or who a repectable parts supplier on-line
    my ser # is QP0270W1DB6