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Lewisb1 Level 3 (585 points)
Ever since the last OS X update, my iPhone has not synced properly with iCal. Nothing after the update will be put in iCal and there are 2 days that keep on duplicating on the phone.

Any suggestions?


Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB 1067 MHz DDR3, 150 GB
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    We are having the exact same issue! Sorry I don't have a solution.
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    I found this trick: fluch-n-fill

    "Try turning off Calendars under Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars / Account.
    Wait for it to empty, and turn on again."

  • Lewisb1 Level 3 (585 points)
    Found the answer when doing a search on theApple forums. Resolved the situation.
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    how did you fix the problem? thnx
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    Perhaps I wasn´t clear, or my trick doesn´t work for You.

    Le me repeat; Your iPod/iPhone; Turn off Calendars slide under Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars / Account (MobileMe). Go to Calendar and wait for it to empty. When Calendar i empty, go back to Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars / Account, an turn on the slide for Calendars. This done the trick for me, hopefully it will do the same for You.
  • Jon Markle Level 2 (150 points)
    this did not work.

    My iCal stopped syncing with the upgrade to 4 for iPhone. I understand Apple knows about this and is "working" on a fix. But why in the world would they release the new OS with such an obvious and serious bug?

    Quite unacceptable, IMO
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    I am also having I believe same issue. Though more complicated. syncing 3 macs wiht mobile me and two iphones 1 3G 1 3GS. on the macs after 10.6.4 upgrade I ended up with 3 copies of of each calendar. When trying to reset calendars mobile me seems to freeze. I cannot even open cal on iphone 3g ( ios4 upgrade). it either crashes or freezes. I have tried turning off and on mobile me on the phone. This may be a 3G iphone 4 issue and a 10.6.4 issue and or a mobile me issue. Looking for a solution.
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    I´ve experienced some issues syncing with MobileMe the past few days. Although there are no reports of disturbance from Apple regarding "the Cloud", I personally believe different. Give Apple some time and try to file a bug report. I´m sorry that I can´t help You any more on this issue.

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    I've used the 'flush and fill' on the iPhone (running 3.1.3) with success, but this manual solution should be more rarely needed. I've had continual problems syncing iCal on my iPhone with my Intel MacBook and iMac G5. The most consistent problem is two-fold: (1) Custom repeating events that are edited (ie, the 'notes' section of an event occurring once every two weeks) on my MB leave me on the date in question on the iPhone and iMac (but not on MobileMe/MM iCal online) with two events for the time slot (the original recurring event and the edited one), even though I edited it as one-time only; (2) the iMac (running only Leopard; as a G5 it can't run Snow Leopard) engages in an unending MM sync (in automatic mode) and lists most (but all) iCal events, misses more recent events added on the MB or iPhone, and leaves other edited, repeating events (both custom and non-custom) alongside the original in the same time slot (as in #1). The 'reset sync data' under the 'advanced' option in MM Sync Preferences (replacing iCal on the iMac with iCal from the MM cloud) works inconsistently and only temporarily when it does, until the next editing of repeating events. My theory is the bug in syncing iCal on multiple computers (using different OS's due to pre-Intel and Intel), with any iPhone and MM involves 'edited repeating events,' especially edited 'Custom' repeating events. It may help to fix the bug for Apple to create the exact same functionality in iCal on any of their computers as they would have on any of the iPhones. I don't think that's currently the case.

    I've had numerous calls and live chats re this concern over the past two years with Apple Care and MM tech support - to no avail. All other apps sync well. It's only iCal syncing (especially with edited Custom repeating events) that's problematic. I can't figure out a specific keystroke sequence that can consistently recreate the problem, in order to send it to Apple for them to do the same (perhaps it's uniquely problematic when you combine the iPhone OS with MM/automatic wireless syncing and two computers running different OS's by necessity; or maybe it's a capacity problem as I have typically 60+ events, mostly 'repeating,' and often needing to be edited, each week). Sorry for the length of this post.
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    After upgrading to iOS4.0 my calendar was no longer syncing on the phone. I tried the profile update on the page. At first, I thought it was not working, but an hour later I discovered the phone had finally synchronized with the calendar. Additionally, email and contacts also began to synch with Exchange in a more reliable and stable way. I am not sure it had to do with the new profile settings or whether our IT staff changed the Exchange settings.