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not long ago a little water may have gotton into the iphone. it is totally dry on the outside however not sure about the inside.
but now the phone will not load past the apple logo and the logo has the loading circle in the middle :S
it came on and kept crashing and turning itself of and now it will not go past the logo at all .
ive tried resetting restarting everything and its not worked

iphone, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    As a last resort, try recovery mode. If this doesn't help, there is hardware damage.

    1. Install latest iTunes (9.2)
    2. Start iTunes
    3. Plug cable into a USB port on the computer first, then into the phone. Don't use an external hub or keyboard port.
    4. Press both home and sleep/wake buttons until the Apple logo reappears, then continue pressing the home button alone until iTunes sees the phone in Recovery Mode.
    5. Follow the prompts to restore.
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    i have just tried that and unfortunately it didnt work so i am just going to leave it a couple of days and then try again if it doesnt work i shall take it to apple