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I have created an iWeb page with numerous family and other photos taken from iPhoto. Since that point, I have lost those files in iPhoto due to some operator error. ( no i didnt back up first, but thats set up now )

Anyway, I am wondering if I can upload/transfer these photos BACK iPhoto.

Please Help!!!

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions,

    Is the website published online? If so, make a new folder on your computer's desktop (File > New Folder). Go to the website. Drag the pictures from the website to the folder. Once complete you can drag the folder to the iPhoto icon in your dock to import them back into iPhoto.
    __Keep in mind that when an image is added to iWeb it is optimized for web use. This means these pictures will not be the same as the original.

    You can extract the images out of iWeb.

    1.) Go to Home > Library > Application Support > iWeb
    2.) Click on the "Domain" file in here and go to File > Duplicate to make a copy (The Domain contains everything that you have in iWeb).
    3.) Right-click or control click on the Domain copy.
    4.) Choose "Show Package Contents" from the drop down menu that appears.
    5.) Leave the window that appears open and go to File > Find.
    6.) At the top of the search window click on "Domain copy"
    7.) Change "Kind" "Any" to "Kind" "Image".
    __This will show you any and all image within the Domain copy file
    8.) Drag all the images you find in here that you want to a new folder on your desktop.
    __Leave the "Thumbnail" images as these are very small versions of the full size picture (unless of course you want them).
    __Once you have all the images you want you can discard the Domain Copy and drag the folder you created to the iPhoto icon in the dock to add them to iPhoto.

    Hope that helps.