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So I haven't had any problems with my iPhone, till recently. Now my iPhone keeps losing service all the time! It loses service, then says "searching..." for a while, then it says "No service". I have reset all the settings, updated it, and even left it turned off for a whole day... Any suggestions??

3g, iPhone OS 3.0
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    There may be a problem with your iPhone's SIM card.

    Stop by an AT&T corporate store explaining the problem and to request a new SIM card to rule out a problem with your existing SIM card. There should be no charge for this, and the AT&T store can activate your iPhone with the new SIM card.
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    That'd something new, i'll try it. Thanks a lot!
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    Ok, here is my tail of woe.
    32GB Iphone 3gs purchased July 2009, has been replaced TWICE with this very issue.
    First time, after 6 months completely lost wifi and kept losing servce, the only
    way to get service back was to turn it off an on, like a windows PC
    BTW the windows fix did nothing for my wifi, once gone forever gone.

    Replaced phone worked fine for a while, then the dreaded 'No Service' re-appears.
    I can see Optus in my service list, but the phone WILL NOT CONNECT.
    This is a phone, Mr Jobs, no use if I can't make/receive calls!!!

    Replaced the sim, problem resurfaces in a fortnight, this is in an area with full coverage (5 bars) I know, 'cause when I gave it the old ctrl-alt-del, it came back in the same spot with 5 bars.
    Replaced the phone, again, and TWO WEEKS LATER 'No Service'. People have been trying to call me, no luck, they then tried the land line, which is how I know.

    As an experiment, I just pulled the sim and pushed it back in, 5 bars (no reboot)
    I wonder of the sim slot is to blame? If there's an apple tech out there, how 'bout some service buddy, the phone isn't a phone if it can't call. It dies quietly, so the first you know is when you look at it, OK for gamers, not for me.

    Oh - and a recent IOS 4 upgrade broke my compass

    My plan lasts another 12 months, after that, back to motorola, at least they make calls.

    I think apple may have become 'micro-softened', what a shame.