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I have a 2nd generation iPod Touch which has suddenly developed a problem. The touch screen is unresponsive, the Home button and the Wake/Sleep buttons are working so I can turn on the iPod, but I can't slide to unlock.

It won't allow me to to do a turn off after holding down the Wake/Sleep, because the Red button to turn-off the iPod cannot be slid.

I've tried resetting theiPod by holding the Wake/Sleep and Home button together. But even after a reboot, the touch screen does not respond.

This iPod is out of warranty, so what options do I have? Is it worth fixing and how much would it cost to fix?

Please help. Thanks.

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    Hello, This seems like a major problem. Everyone knows that peoples budgets are tight so... I'll try and help you out!

    Step one: Find out what you have done with it lately like before it got all messed up.

    Step two: Remove the screen protector if you have one.
    Step 2.5: If there was one try to use your iPod touch without the screen protector and you can get them fairly cheep. If it was the screen protector that was doing it go to your local shop or go to [zagg|www.zagg.com] and buy an invisible shield those don't give you any problem!

    Step three: If there was no Screen Protector take your thumb and rub down the screen, get a polishing cloth that should have came with your iPod touch and wipe it down if possible take an eye dropper and squirt a tiny drop of water on the screen and clean it off then take some toilet paper/ tissue and dry it. If your using Tissues make sure that they Don't have Aloe Vera in/ on them to know if it does look at the box it should say 'Aloe included' hopefully it doesn't then once its dry use the polishing cloth again and give it a good clean.

    I hope this helps you,

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    Thanks for the tips. I tried them out, but it did not fix the problem.

    I did not have a screen protector for this iPod, ever. But it's always been well protected in a case.

    Don't know what would cause it to suddenly develop this problem. I had used it the previous day without any problems and then put it back in my bag. The next day when I turned it on, the touch screen would not work.

    It's 2-years old, so it's out of warranty. don't know how much it would cost to fix, if it's a couple-hundred dollars, it may not be worth fixing.

    Being a long time Mac user, I am very disappointed at the short life this iPod screen has had.

    Would welcome any other suggestions or tips to get it fixed.

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    How about that? We have the same problem on the same day... I tried the "restore: instructions on the support page and completely wiped out all data, and restored the OS ... no effect, the problem remains. Even tried it a 2nd time as the instructions say. Was working fine the day before and have never had a problem. I think it is an evil conspiracy by Apple to get us to purchase new iPAD !
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    This is definitely NOT a new problem; I've been reading about this on various other forums.

    From what I gather, it has to so with the resistors for the touch screen burning out due to water damage, moisture, sweat etc. I don't have a clue why my iPod would have this problem since it was sitting in my bag where there was no liquids of any kind present.

    I am in no mood to spend more money on another touch screen device which may have the same problem down the road. Hope there is an inexpensive fix for this problem, since I want to keep my iPod Touch.
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    Polishing the screen normally wont work.
    If it is unresponsive
    its touch censors are probably damaged.

    Getting this fixed is NOT a free lunch
    Ipod touches warranty's are pretty long
    You need to be eather good freinds with a ipod touch,
    Or jailbreak.
    If you jailbroke your ipod touch, the jailbreak could have put a patch in your censors,making them unresponsive.

    Or if you dropped it,that could have unwired them.
    go to the nearest apple store and ask if you can the the censors repaired
    Or by a new Ipod touch.

    Get a screen protector and a case.
    A hard case with low profile but high protection standards

    and do Not jailbreak.
    My freind jailbroke his ipod touch and killed it.
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    I don't know where you got the idea that this is a jailbroken iPod -- IT IS NOT!

    I take very good care of all my equipment. This iPod has always been in a hard leather case, never dropped and never been wet.
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    I did a restore in iTunes, but it did not fix the touchscreen.

    After reading numerous other similar complaints, I saw some suggestions of putting the iPod in a bag of rice to remove any moisture. I've done that; will wait a couple days to see if it fixes the problem.
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    Take it to an Apple store for evaluation and/or repair. You have done all the troubleshooting that is currently available and makes sense. I suspect that the touchscreen sensors are faulty at this point.

    Axel F.
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    Let me know if the rice thing works. I got my iPod touch about 3 months ago. I'm having the same problem. Ugh!
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    did the bag of rice trick work. My touch has been frozen for about a week now.I'm ready to scream.

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    Hi everyone. my name is Earl from philippines. but my ipod touch was from USA, i just updated my ipod touch to IOS 4 and suddenly it ALWAYS HANG, RESTART AUTOMATICALLY ****. can't explain why please help ;((
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    i have a problem with my itouch that slightly the same with yours raj.. my itouch's touch sensor works but only in doubletaps to open my apps and its always in voice over, i cant scrolldown or even play my games.. i tried restoring it but didnt work.. pls help..
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    Hey my ipod touch 2gen also screen stop responding i haven't got it wet or anything and this the second time it stop responding the first it stop i called the apple support and they made me a appointment the day of the appointment it started to work again so i did go and now it stop working again what should i do i still have 3 months on my warranty?

    i already tried restoring it and everything