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How can I sync my old ipod classic to add more music on it without erasing all the other music thats already on my ipod classic

ipod classic, Windows XP
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    Without more specific information, we have to assume that you have tried doing this and had a message telling you that the current content will be erased, is that correct?

    If so, that's because you are trying to Sync your ipod with another computer. You cannot Sync with two different computers. So your options are:
    1. Sync with the same computer you used previously
    2. Use *Manually manage iPod* instead, which means you have move all the content on and off your iPod manually, both on that second computer and also on the original one.

    My personal opinion, for what it's worth, is that you should use only one computer to add or remove content from your iPod. It is easier.

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    I have this same problem too. Here's a question for you. My computer hard drive is only 80gb's. I have way more music than that can cope with. I have bought a 500gb external hard drive. Is there a way I can have itunes loaded on that and have my ipod only sync with the external rather than the c drive.


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    so... thanks to apparently switching to another computer (though I didn't) All 12 gigs of music and video has been erased from my ipod. Wow that *****. Is there any way to recover that music? And the music I've bought that is now gone forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well the obvious would be to restore the backup that you don't have.

    Next most obvious would have been to read the message that said that iTunes was going to remove all the existing content and do some research into how to transfer your music off the iPod before letting iTunes delete it.

    Which leaves tracking down an unerase tool - they range from free to very expensive and have different degrees of success depending on just how effectively the old data has been wiped.

    If you get nowhere with them then you'll have to re-rip. You can also try contacting the various media stores you've purchased content from and see if they will grace you with a repeat download, though they are by no means obliged so to do.

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    I originally used a family home computer. I filled my library with mostly purchased music. The music that wasn't purchased on itunes was only music from other mix CD's from my brothers or friends. Everything else was purchased on iTunes. I am going to college in the fall, so i had to purchase a laptop. is there anyway i can just transfer my itunes library to my new laptop? I know how to transfer the perchases. But i don't have the CD's that had the rest of the music anymore. There must be a way i can transfer my whole library without losing my music. I hope to keep purchasing from Apple, but if things keep going this frustrating i don't know if i want to keep up with it. Please Help
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    There are several ways to go about this.

    1. You can use an external hard drive and drag and drop you whole library onto it and then copy it to the new computer. Depending on how much music you have it can be a short time or it can take a long time. The best thing to save money because hard drives are expensive is to borrow from someone you know.
    2. You can create a wireless network and transfer files between the computers. If you need more information on this option email me. I would be happy to help.
    3. Last you can manually manage your music. when you plug in your iPod it should show up in your sidebar. Click on it and options should show up to manually manage. Check that box. Then go back to your sidebar and a little triangle should be right next to your iPod. Click that. Select all of your music drag and drop to Music. This should work. However, again, if you need help feel free to contact me.
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    @Fallingpup... I followed you up to the point of selecting to drag and drop but I'm lost after that...Can you please help (again)?