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My ipods been acting really weird recently, it shuts off by itself and its been acting strange. And this morning i noticed that the power button is stuck and i can not get the ipod to turn on. Should i sent it to apple, and if i do, how long would it take for me to recieve it back?

3rd Generation
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    My daughter is having the same issue. My wife has looked it up and the information she has gleened says that this is a problem with the power button. My kiddo has done everything to try and reset, reload, reboot, etc... and nada. I am taking it to the Apple Store and seeing what they can do to it.
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    I have the same problem. I have to press my iPod Touch's power button very hard to turn it on.

    I read somewhere that it's because after some time, dust gathers underneath the button. At some point in the iPod Touch's life, the amount of dust start sabotaging the button completely.

    Since the iPod Touch is assembled so tightly, it seems pretty hard to fix this problem. However, if anyone has some great advice, I'd love to hear it!