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I just recieved a new ipod touch 32GB in the mail because my last ipod touch 32GB broke. So my old ipod touch was sent to apple repair centre and apple sent me a new ipod. I was very happy when i synced the new ipod onto my computer and everything from my old ipod was restored back onto my new one. Everything was working fine until i tried to use the volume buttons on the headphones (connected to mic) and they did not work.(these were still the same headphones that came with my first ipod touch 32GB) So i then wondered if the mic worked, and went to voice memo, but it said there was no mic connected when clearly there was. I then tried to turn down the volume on my ipodscreen but it just stayed the same. No matter how far left or right i dragged the volume control it didn't change as if it were stuck on the same volume setting. I thought that it was just the headphones that didn't work so i tried two other regular headphones (without mics) and they also didnot work. I even went to volume control to try to adjust the volume and this made it overall a little louder or quieter but when trying to change the volume on the normal screen it still doesn't adjust. Only when the volume is as far left as possible on "zero", the volume then is just silent. The weird thing though, that i discovered was that when i unplug the headphones and just listen to my ipod through the outside speakers i CAN adjust the loudness of the volume normally! Only when i plug in the headphones it doesn't work. Then the volume control has no change when i slide the bar unlike it did when i listened to it from the outside speakers. This led me to believe the problem does not lie within the headphones or the acutal ipod(because the adjustment still works when playing through outside speakers) but rather in the actual earphone outlet. I have tried restarting my ipod and that didn't work. I really hope that is just a simple problem that can be fixed. PLEASE help me, i am very upset that my brand new ipod touch has a problem with controlling the volume. I have waited 3 weeks already to recieve a new ipod since my last one broke and now there is a problem. As you can imagine, this is very stressful for me.
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    Okay, so i just tried plugging in earphones into my ipod and now not only can i hear music through the headphones but sound also comes out from the outside speakers! Even though the headphones are plugged in! This is why i think there is something wrong with the earphone outlet. So now i can't even listen to my music without having it blast through the outside speakers where everyone can listen despite the fact the headphones are plugged it. :O
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    I hate to inform you that you have a faulty headphone jack. You have troubleshot enough to get to this conclusion. Do not sweat this thing any longer and send it back to Apple and get this thing repaired or get another one. There is no need to deal with this when you do not have to since your iPod was just sent to you. Get a replacement and be done with it.

    Axel F.