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All it does is search and search and search. I have the headset (Motorola) turned on and sitting right next to it and it can't find it. Am I doing something wrong? It will connect to my PC but not the headset. Thanks for any help!

emachine, Windows Vista
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    The iPad only has some of the available bluetooth profiles. The iPad supported bluetooth profiles do NOT include headsets. It DOES include headphone, keyboards and some others too.
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    Did you initiate the pairing mode properly (not just turn the head set on)?
    Some Motorolas are reported to work (HT), others won't (H).
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    Can someone help me, my iPad won't recognize my bluethooth headset. My MacBook and my iPhone connect to it but not the iPad. I have a plantronics 520 headset and won't connect to it.
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    I have the same headset. It will not work with IPad or IPod Touch because the headset uses Hands Free Protocol and that is not supported on these. It is rather upsetting since the protocol is supported on the iPhone. Hopefully a future update will support it on iPad and iPods. The link below is apples table of which protocols are supported by device.
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    An update to all the bluetooth chatter.  I own an iPad2 with the latest OS. Just purchased the Motorola S10-HD stereo headphones (bluetooth).  At first the iPad wouldn't recognize them, however, I reset the headpones to factory condition removing previous profiles.  Viola! they connected.  I hope this helps other folks, as I was about to box up the headphones and return them to WalMart.  Also, the instructions included with the headphones say that you will need the bluetooth D670 adaptor for ipod...this may hold true for the actual ipod, but you DO NOT NEED to buy the adapter for an iPad2. I can forward through my music, pause, stop, play...fully functional!

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    Following up on the above...


    My S10-HD paired straight out of the box w/ my iPod Touch 2G; however, when I tried to pair it with my iPad 2, the iPad 2 would just search...and search...and search.


    On page 7 of the S10-HD manual, you'll see a note saying, "To pair your headphones again, press and hold the "0" (power) key until the status light becomes steadily lit in blue".


    This proved to be the key to getting the S10-HD to work with the iPad 2. The S10-HD needs to be "off", then you'll have to press and hold for around 7 to 10 seconds.


    Furthermore, it appears (from my own testing; your results may differ) that the S10-HD can only be paired to one device at a time. That may sound obvious, but what it means is that you'll first have to turn off Bluetooth on the paired device with which the S10-HD is currently connected, then connect it to the other device with which it is already paired. (Kind of a pain, but I can live with it.)


    Also, if there's anyone considering the S9-HD or who's had an S9-HD fail because of sweat incursion (i.e., you use it at the gym, etc.), Motorola is offering a warranty upgrade from the S9-HD to the S10-HD. What you need to know is: (1) The S9-HD will fail from the least bit of sweat entering the unit through the speakers; and (2) The S9-HD sounds better than the S10-HD (a lot better...it's a tradeoff you have to be willing to live with if you want these for exercise). To get the S10-HD if you've experienced prob's w/ your S9-HD as described, call Julie Scofield in the Consumer Advocacy Office at Motorola's Corporate Headquarters: (847) 523-5852.

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    This solved my problem. Hold the button even longer. Who'd a thunk it? I was almost ready to throw the headset away. Thanks, Robb.

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    Months and months of trying to find out the problem with my phone and my iPad, and you sir... I tip my hat to you! The simplest thing to have been done. Thank you !!!!

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    I had the same problem with a different device.

    What I did was to press and hold the on/off button of my Bluetooth speaker for 10sec and voila! my iPad Air and big beat were connected  I hope that helps others having similar problems

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    WWell, I'll be darned. I am going straight home to try this. Thanks heaps......

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    Holding the Power key until it recognized it was the key so success.  Thank you!!