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I can't figure out how to disconnect iPad mail from my my Yahoo mail account. When I lend my iPad to someone else, I don't want my mail account to be live. Any suggestions?

iPad, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
  • lllaass Level 10 (175,822 points)
    The only way I know is to delete the account from the iPad email program.
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    Thanks -- you're right, that should work, but I was hoping for more of an "on-off button" answer. Although many of the iPad features are surprisingly "dumb box" oriented, so that may be the only way.
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    I actually just found a way, its not the best but it is an on off button. Go into the settings, press on the email account and then you should get some control options. Just turn off the email. That worked for me.
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    Hi all  . . . after a little prompting from the above comments  ..  . I think I have sorted it out ....


    1. go to Home screen  . .. tap "settings"

    2. Settings menu  .. . tap "mail"

    3. Yours accounts etc should come up  .. . tap on your account i.e. Yahoo

    4. Yahoo account should pop up  . . . find "mail" icon  ..  . tap ON/OFF button for the desired result

    this way you don't have to delete your account.


    However, how to secure this area is another question  . . . other than not loaning out your IPAD  ..  .

  • Roosevelt Jones Level 2 (380 points)

    I think you can set restrictions on account information also within the Settings app under General. I believe a passcode can be set.

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    Thanks for answer to a question I wanted to know .

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    Thanks, it helped me too. Without this I couldn't sign out and sign in in another account yahoo or gmail