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I am new to the Apple world. Just bought an iPad. Consequently I decided to move to iTunes on all my Home network made of a Windows Home server and several PCs and laptops. Streaming music from WHS to all PCs work ok except for one PC which keeps buffering every 5 seconds. I changed the size of the buffer to large without any success. That PC is an I7 - 8gb RAM - 160GB Intel SSD running W7 64 bits Ultimate (all other PCs are running either Vista or W7 32 home premium).
Any idea of what could be the problem?
Note: The network is running at 1Gb, The router is a Netgear WNDR3700. I do not have any buffering issues when using WPM unstead of iTunes.
Can someone help me have a good start in the Apple world as I am planning to buy an Iphone 4 quite soon
Thanks in advance for you help

asus, Windows 7
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    I am getting frustrated as no one in the apple world dared to reply to this question.
    Anyway, I have continued to work on the issue and I reinstalled this system with Vista 32 and Itunes 32. In this case I do not have the buffering issues when I stream music from my Windows Home Server.
    I believe the issue is with ITunes 64.
    What is the process to feed that info back to the Itunes support team?
    Thanks in advance for helping me find my way in the apple world.