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Hi all, have an issue with my iPhone. Nothing major, just something I'd like to figure out before my new iPhone 4 comes in. I have a lot of photos in my library on my current iPhone <3G 16GB> but throughout the course of time of having the phone I've had the computers I synced it to die, from all sorts of different causes. As such, I don't have the library synced to the current PC I have everything else synced with. Is there anyway to find these photos in the iPhone itself and copy them over to the PC? it's the only place a lot of these photos reside now as the old PCs are gone. Any help would be appreciated
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    The iTunes sync process for photos from your computer is a one way transfer process only - from your computer to your iPhone. Photos transferred from your computer are optimized for viewing on your iPhone as part of the iTunes sync/transfer process - the original resolution of these photos is reduced on your iPhone which is why this is a one way transfer process only.

    There are some 3rd party paid utilities that provide for transferring these photos in the opposite direction, but such utilities are not supported by Apple and the original resolution of these photos will be lost in the process.

    For future reference, the photos stored on your computer's hard drive should be included with your computer's backup along with all other important data - stored on an external drive or some other external media used for backup purposes only.
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    Sync in iTunes transfers photos from your iPhone to iPhoto. If you want to put pics from your iPhone onto your computer without doing an iTunes sync, one somewhat tedious option is to email them to yourself from the iPhone. Then retrieve your email on your computer and save them to your hard drive.