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Does anyone know of a solution for the "The information on this page is outdated. Click OK to refresh the page. If you have available updates after refreshing, click Download All Free Updates" message?

I open iTunes the go to the app store and click Download All Free Updates. It always gives me the message that the page is outdated, I have to click OK then it refreshes the page with the exact same app updates and I have to click Download All Free Updates again for it to continue.

This happens every time I have new app updates whether I launch iTunes or every time the iMac goes to sleep and I open iTunes when it was already running.

Aluminum 24" iMac, iMac "700" G4 (snowball), MacBook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone, shuffle, 80gb ipod, 8gb nano, 16gb nano, iPhone 3GS, AppleTV
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