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So i bought the iphone 4 off the apple website,i have a contract at the minute and i was planing on putting the sim card into the iphone but you need a micro sim, will o2 transfer my info etc. over to your micro sim?

and if you would know this i have a contract with no internet on it would i be able to add internet to my contract, but o2 have stopped unlimited internet so what will i get?
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,395 points)
    You will activate the iPhone with your O2 line/number likely via the iTunes activation process, which you should be provided the first time you connect your iPhone 4 to iTunes assuming the iPhone ships with an O2 micro-SIM card pre-installed. If not and you must go to an O2 shop to get an O2 SIM card, the shop should activate your iPhone 4.

    Not sure about the last question. Is this info available via O2's website?
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    i'm on vodafone & my bro is on o2 we both brought an iphone 4 from apple, we just phoned up both networks and asked for internet to be added, so just phone up cs mate.

    PS, i cant wait till the 14th july
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    oh thanks and i can only see unlimited internet something about 2009 contracts im not sure, ill visit a o2 after the iphone is released, thanks for the help
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    oh ok will do thanks for the info and haha and yeah same 24 days
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    Yes, as an existing o2 customer, they will transfer everything for you and give you a micro sim card.

    As far as Home Broadband with o2 is concerned, look at their website and have a look under the home broadband section. They offer 3 packages - Standard, Premium and Pro and they are all unlimited packages. It is cheaper if you have a mobile phone with them too - you pay a reduced rate. You can sign up online and you just need to enter your mobile phone number.

    Have a look at their website. It is all very easy and o2 home broadband has an excellent rating - I am thinking of changing to them since I have an iPhone contract too.
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    oh thanks for info i am a existing o2 customer so thats good and will i need to bring my iphone when i get it to he shop for them to do this or can they do it with out the phone? so i could have it set up before i get my iphone?
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    They could send you the micro sim in the post so you have it and you can then do all the transfers online, from what I have heard.
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    ohhh ive heard that, thanks hope i get one, ive signed up to o2 anyway so we shall see.
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    If you produce a copy of your Apple order confirmation (paper or email) in an O2 store they will give you a Micro SIM and Micro SIM-> Standard SIM adaptor in advance. You can then do a SIM-swap online here:

    I just did it and it took about 15 minutes for the old SIM to go dead.

    Insert the new activated Micro SIM in your existing phone in the adaptor and when you have an iPhone 4 you can pop out the Micro SIM, remove the adaptor and off you go.

    Although their network is poor, O2 seem to be ahead of the other UK operators in being prepared for the iPhone. I just asked in an Orange shop and they had no Micro SIMs 'until Saturday'. There's some confusion about whether the iPad Micro SIM can be used with an iPhone 4 too.