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wpociengel Level 1 (0 points)
iPad 64GB 3G
iPhoto 8.1
iTunes 9.1.1

I have a small number of videos (movies) managed in iPhoto. They cam off my digital camera and they go into iPhoto. everything has always been happy.

I select a small number of them and add them and some photos into a new album for my iPad. The photos work fine (shot and stored as jpeg and RAW) the videos do not transfer over. There is an error message about the .mov format not supported.

So why does the Apple iTunes not know how to get the Apple iPhoto movies and put them on the Apple iPad so I can see them?

I had to save a video from iPhoto out to file and open with Quicktime and then resave it and let iTunes sync it to GoodReader in order to see it on my iPAD. So why do I need a third party tool and a work around to get all of the Apple tools to work for my iPad when they seamlessly work for my iPod?

MacPro dual-quad 12GB - 3.5TB, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2@20" and 1@24"
  • MadisonP Level 5 (4,765 points)

    iPad, like iPods and iPhones and Apple TVs, reads certain types of movie files.
    The movies you are trying to sync are most likely, not a format that is compatible with iPad.

    iTunes includes a built in feature that will convert movie files to the proper format. Take a look at the iTunes help menu:

    Drag your desired movies out of iPhoto and drop them into iTunes. You can then follow the above help article to convert them to an iPad version.

    You can also read about the specific formats that iPad supports:
    __Look under "TV and video"

    On an unrelated note, there are new versions of iPhoto and iTunes available. You can download them by going to the Apple Menu and Software Update.

    Hope that helps.
  • wpociengel Level 1 (0 points)
    I thought that iTunes was supposed to do that? Doesn't it know what's connected to it? Why should I have to go around in circles to get it to do what it knows how to do. Don't make no sense to me.
  • MadisonP Level 5 (4,765 points)
    The idea of having movies you select to be synced to iPad (or iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch) convert on the fly (As opposed to you going to the Advanced menu and doing it yourself) to the appropriate format has merit.

    Consider submitting feedback to Apple. Go to iTunes > Provide iTunes Feedback.

  • wpociengel Level 1 (0 points)
    I've left them feedback FWIW not that I think they'll do anything about it. Not having this capability just makes it that much easier to NOT use iPhoto as my digital library. If I have to use two programs then I might as well switch to Lightroom for my photos. <sigh> this seemed like an obvious option.
  • mrbofus Level 1 (5 points)
    Agreed; I thought simply checking the box in iTunes to sync videos as well as photos would sync all the videos that play in iPhoto. After all, iTunes re-sizes all the photos to fit the screen of the iOS device (in my case, an iPhone 4) so why wouldn't it re-size/re-encode the videos? iTunes can convert it if I drag-and-drop it, but not if I click the checkbox? And I have a couple hundred videos spread out across over 10,600 items, so doing it manually for me is not really an option I want to pursue.

    I hope Apple adds this feature in the next iteration of iTunes!
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    I had this same problem and found a work around that may help.

    I sync my Canon camera to my Mac and uploaded photos and Video to a new event in iPhoto. I think synced my iPad to my Mac and in iTunes selected Sync videos under Photos and like you received the .Mov files not supported.

    I downloaded VideoMonkey and batch converted all my movies to .mp4 and then dragged them all back into iPhoto as a new event then merged the photos and new movies into an event. I then deleted all the old .Mov files. iPad now syncs all the movies and accessible under the Photos app.

    There was a tricky issue here. My .Mov files were kept in the iPhoto library and I created the .mp4 files in the same folder. When I tried to import the .mp4 files into iPhoto it said the file format is not supported. I moved the .mp4 files into a seperate folder then dragged onto iPhoto and all worked. Go figure..

    If iPad etc supported the STANDARD apple .Mov format it would simplify life a lot...

    Hope this helps..

  • Tegilbor Level 1 (0 points)
    MadisonP wrote:
    iPad, like iPods and iPhones and Apple TVs, reads certain types of movie files.
    The movies you are trying to sync are most likely, not a format that is compatible with iPad.

    Well, I have the same problem even though I actually pulled the videos FROM the iPad into iPhoto in the first place!

    I had a lot of photos and videos on the iPad that I had imported directly from the camera into the iPad. Since I can't organize albums on the iPad, I imported the pictures and videos into iPhoto. There, I organized them into albums and synched with the iPad. But in the synch, the videos are omitted, even though the relevant checkbox in iTunes is checked.

    So I doubt that the format isn't compatible with the iPad, as they played very nicely on the iPad before. And I strongly assume if they were not compatible, I would get a warning message instead of having them omitted silently, right?

    So how do I get the videos back onto the iPad??
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    I`ve the same problem. Videos are synced fine from my Canon IXUS 860 via USB/camera connection kit to my iPad and I can watch them. The same videos imported to iPhoto work fine in iPhoto, but when I try to sync them back to the iPad ("import videos" in iTunes is checked!)they are not synced. Since they can be watched on the iPad in the first place it can't be a prob w/ the format.
    I hope there'll be a bug fix soon.
  • Tegilbor Level 1 (0 points)
    What really annoys me the most is that the videos are omitted quietly in the sync back to the iPad. No message saying "By the way, forget about the following videos!" but the videos are just left out without a word of explanation.

    And it was really nice to have them together with the photos on the iPad, so I could go show people the pictures and when I hit a video, I could say "And here's also a nice video I took..." - a seamless experience. Now I guess I will have to view the videos in a different app or convert them. Or I'll have to hope for a smarter app to replace the inbuilt Photo app... perhaps one that can organize albums without needing iPhoto. That would be magical.

    I thought Apple was about making things easier for the user, not more difficult.
  • Tegilbor Level 1 (0 points)
    Just to add one more thing to this, as the situation has become even more stupid for me. I now bought a Canon DSLR. One reason for buying the Canon was that it takes videos in H.264 MOV format - I assumed this would resolve this issue with the iPad. But actually it got even worse: Now, when I transfer my pictures to the iPad, it will not play the videos from my Canon at all! They are displayed in the photo application as "MOV", but they can't be played - despite the fact that H.264 is clearly advertised as a format that the iPad can play and the fact that .mov is basically "Apple's own format". Completely bizarre!
  • rfstege Level 1 (0 points)
    If you really want to hear something screwy; I took video with my Nikon D90 and used the camera connection kit to load pictures and videos. Everything worked great. The videos played right along with the pictures as I went through them on my iPad.
    This is where it got screwy. When I got home, I loaded the pictures from my camera to my iMac. Then went to sync my iPad with my computer. When it went to load the videos from iPhoto to iTunes into the iPad, it said they were not compatable! The exact videos that were playing on the iPad 30 minutes earlier. I had deleted them from the iPad so as not to have duplicates and now they won't sync.
    I know I can convert and blah blah blah but who wants to do that when I know the files were working and are compatible. Apple has a glitch here they need to fix.
  • thyBigfoot Level 1 (0 points)
    Same happens to me. Hoped it would be fixed by iTunes 10, but still the same.

    Videos play fine when imported with Camera Connection Kit. Sync them to iPhoto and via iTunes back to the iPad and the videos are simply not there. No warning nothing...
  • mallmand Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem here, shoot video on the D90, sync via camera kit to ipad, looks and sounds great, great device for showing off video. Sync to iTunes, check the "include videos" box, add videos to synced "albums" and no dice, videos gone. bummer. Guess I have to move them to an SD card, re-import to ipad and then save them locally, simple?
  • hulahoophugs Level 1 (0 points)
    Same issue here! Except I had them in Aperture and they worked fine. Now that iPhoto '11 is out and plays videos within iPhoto and syncs with Facebook much better I switched back. Now videos won't sync from iPhoto. Help, Apple!
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