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Hi folks,

I've had my iPod touch 2G for about a year now. I bought it while on a trip to the States last July. About a month or two ago, right about when it started getting cold and damp, my iPod touch got stuck in headphones mode even though I didn't have the headphones plugged in. Eventually it went away on its own. However, a few weeks later it started slipping in and out of headphones mode. I tried various fixes I found on Google, but none of them worked. I even tried restoring it but that didn't help.

I ended up deciding that the cold and damp had to have something to do with it, since it seemed to go away whenever I took it somewhere warm and dry for an extended period of time. The weird thing is: I never had a problem with it last year, and I took it from the US summer straight to the NZ winter.

But anyway, just in the past two weeks, it seems to have gotten permanently stuck in headphones mode ... and not only that but it's also started spontaneously activating the mp3 player. I think most of the time it only does this when I press the home button and wake it up, but sometimes I think it may be doing it while the screen is off because sometimes the battery seems to be mysteriously lower than it should be. And, of course, I can't tell if it's spontaneously playing music or not because it thinks there are headphones plugged in, so the speaker doesn't work.

Can anyone help? Is there something I can do, or should I just give up and take it to the local Apple store here in Auckland? I'd rather not get someone else's refurbished iPod touch, but if that's what I have to do, then so be it.

Thanks in advance.


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