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Two computers, iMac and MacBook. Wish to mirror as much as possible the iMac onto the MacBook.

Using Firewire and Migration Assistant (MA), could not get two computers to recognize each other.

Checked integrity of Firewire cable and MacBook Firewire connector at Apple store; both work fine. Tech suggested bad iMac Firewire connector, and to use an Ethernet cable.

Got Ethernet cable, setup MA on both computers, was able to connect and begin transfer. After 2 hours 49 minutes, all that was transferred was Applications ---no other files. No docs, no Keychain info, no settings, no documents, no iTunes music folder, etc etc etc.

Got new Ethernet cable, started over. Now neither computer will recognize the other. MA opened on both, but search for each other proves Fail.

Note: Laptop recently formatted, Snow Leopard installed, all OS X updated; machine runs fine.

Any ideas? I'd like to get this all straightened out by Thursday when I buy my first iPhone. Want to do all my iPhone setup(s) on the laptop since I'll soon be selling the iMac.

Thanks for your help. Sorry if I rambled, but I'm no techie. Please explain slowly. Thanks.

Mac OS X (10.6.4)