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  • spdbrk Level 1 (0 points)
    you did not lose your music. dont start deleting. just do a restore from your most recent backup.

    i am going to wait on the update after 3 days of trying to get it.
  • Hadum98 Level 1 (0 points)
    Now that my 3G phone running on iSO4... after losing all my apps data during up date.. i notice my battery life per charge is shorter than before. Used to be able to play movie or mp3 for hours on 20% capacity of battery.. but now even a full bar battery would not last that long...

    Come on Apple... get these annoying problem fixed!
  • wildinsalem Level 1 (0 points)
    The iOS upgrade brought my iPhone 3g to an absolute crawl. It also degraded my battery life so much that I could only get about 2 hours of use (even when not doing anything intensive like playing music, going online, etc.) It also ran so hot I thought it was going to catch on fire. I'm glad that I had Apple Care as my one-year anniversary JUST passed. I took it to the Apple Store and they swapped it out. Thankfully, the replacement has iOS 3.1.3 and it works beautifully. I'm just scared to hook it to iTunes that it will update to the faulty iOS 4.0.2 and the problems start back up! The whole ordeal has left me such a bad taste in my mouth that I doubt I'll buy another iPhone again. That plus all the bugs plaguing the actual iPhone 4! Ok, I just want to know how to permanently disable iTunes from offering to upgrade. I want to stick with 3.1.3 which is far more stable than 4.0 on the 3g. Why on earth did Apple even push the upgrade when there are so many problems? Did they not bug test before releasing to the masses? I just want to permanently stop iTunes from trying to "upgrade" this pristine replacement 3g! Thank You
  • Banak Level 1 (0 points)
    Well the whole of IOS Version 4.** has been a disaster. My 3GS is now running at a snails pace and frequently freezes. Batt life is down to 2 hours max. I can't run WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time.
    My partners Ipod froze during the upgrade, will not restore or synch and since it is out of gaurantee it is going to cost me big money to replace it. My sons Ipod is running like the 3GS!
    Android here I come. I can't run a business with this sort of reliability. Steve Jobs doesn't care. Just wheels out new products and leaves us to stew in the mess of the old ones.
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