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Every time I add a contact and add their birthday the date of the birthday automatically moves by one day.

For example, I will select someones birthday as the 23rd of march and click done but the contact birthday shows 24th. Even if I select a random date say 1st June, it will say 2nd.

When I go into the calendar app and display the birthday calendar the birthdays are right though, it will have a notification as a birthday on the 23rd.

I have done a fresh restore from a backup and as a new iphone, still I have the error.

I'm thinking that the contact list in iOS4 is set to a specific timezone different from my phones timezone as it adjusts it for a day. I live in New Zealand and my timezone settings are set to Auckland, New Zealand, even in the calendar time zone. When I change my timezone settings to somewhere in the USA it automatically changes the contacts birthdays to the correct date. When I change it back it adjusts te birthdays by a day again. This would be correct as the 23rd in USA would be the 24th here but my contacts are not in a different timezone so why does my iphone think they are? Even if a add a new contact it still changes the birthday date.

Any help would be great.

Iphone 3GS, iOS 4
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