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    I had this issue as well, but found it went away if I quit iBooks on my iPad or iPhone before launching it on the other. Once I did this, the syncing occurred, and with a nifty page flipping animation.

    So, the syncing for me did not occur unless I quit iBooks before trying to launch the app on the other device.

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  • Changez Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hey Bob,

    There is a lot of vague-ness in the answers floating around here so I will give you a clear one that really works. On your iPhone or iPad go to Settings->iBooks->Sync Bookmarks and turn this 'On' and voila, everything should sync fine now. No need for syncing with computers or red-ribbons. But, this will only work if this is a book that you have downloaded from the iBooks store, if not then the imported ePub book will need to be there on both the devices at the time of syncing. Hope this solve your problems.


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    it is non issue, seriously. the reason you don't see your idevices sync is because you don't turn on the 'sync bookmark' in 'ibooks setting'. go to setting look for ibooks, and turn on the 'sync bookmark' for ALL YOUR IDEVICES!!

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    Taht's a nice explanation, but it does not work. The Kindle app version syncs automatically, but I can not get iBooks to do send the farthest page read information between my iPhone and iPad. Do you need to manually bookmark your farthest page in order for the other device to detect it? I have the bookmark sync set ON in both devices. All help would be appreciated.
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    This did not work. I have tried it and still can not get iBooks to sync between iPad and iPhone like Kindle does.
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    I think quit ibooks make the sync for me on the other device. Thanks for everyones input to this thread. It was very helpful.

    On another note, is there a way I can extract all the text I have highlighted at once, or a way of exporting this into text file? It will be very ideal as I collect quotations, as well as new words I didn't know the meaning of until now.

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    It's strangely random for me. Sometimes books will sync (iPad1 <--> iPhone4S), sometimes they will not. I always quit the iBooks app first, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. The thing is, for a long time sync did work flawlessly, every time, then sometime in the last 6 months it started getting erratic. Maybe sometime around the iOS 5 rollout, and changeover to iCloud, I'm not sure. But it's definitely flakey now and frustrating because I switch off between devices a lot.

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    What worked for me was syncing with USB after downloading a free book from the iphone app itself. Once I'd then connected to the computer it asked if i wanted to turn on automatic syncing. After then disconnecting it had synced all my course epub files, which I have to say Calibre did a great job of converting - combined with ibooks i'm, as we say over here in the UK - totally stoked.

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    But can I sync across devices downloaded PDF documents too? Doesn't seem that I can

  • tkezell Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks Teh Junction.  This resolved my issue!!!!

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