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Stuck on this, anyone got any answers. Previous posts on the subject seem to be ignored, probably due to the fact that they realise that this one's not going to be fixed perhaps...?

iMac 24" 3.06ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.7), iPhone 8GB
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    Has anyone got the same error and fixed it with a complete iTunes reinstall.

    Thought I'd ask before I spend the next 2 hours doing this.
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    Hi- I've been having the same problem. I did a manual reboot of my phone (holding down home and the sleep/wake button until the apple logo appears, then releasing them together, and holding them down again until the connect to itunes screen shows up).

    So far the reboot has fixed the problem, although now I have to load everything onto my phone from a back-up version- which can take some time, but I've bypassed the continuous rebooting.

    There's a rumor that the 3g was never meant to be updated to 4.0 and was supposed to be restored in instead- which would explain why I've been having issues.

    I make no guarantees, but at this point iTunes is letting me restore the phone.
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    I completely deleted Itunes from my computer, reinstalled, rebooted the Iphone etc. and i still get this error! It makes me angry that the phone is useless until you can get this upgrade done!!!
    I dont know what to do to fix...
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    Hi guys. I posted this last night. Worked a treat for me.


    I think the problems have been more to do with what we downloaded last night, rather than the actual iOS4 itself. As I said in my post, it's all done now and from what I've seen has no major problems and is stupidly fast. I'm actually really shocked at how fast my low end mere 3G has become from what it was before, email downloads, app start ups and internet browsing. Kind of that stuff would be hardware dependent I always thought.

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    My phone is dead - 3GS - Will not recover. Parts of Apple's site are also down. Looks like a big problem this time around. Any suggestions for a recovery???
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    See above post. Has worked for me and loads others. Too many people trying to download it perhaps?
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    Finally finally fixed mine..
    Step by step for mac users..

    1. Go to *Disk Utility*: you can just type this in spotlight or open Finder, click on Applications, open the Utilities folder, double click *Disk Utility*

    2. Click *Macintosh HD*

    3. Click *Repair Disk Permissions*: this will take awhile but *I didn't have to delete anything from my laptop after this*

    4. Once permissions have been repaired, unplug iPhone from the laptop.

    5. Reboot iTunes.

    6. Plug iPhone back and turn it on.

    7. Restore and update.

    8. Fixed with no loss of files.

    Hopefully this'll work with u guys too..:)

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    I'm using iOS4 now with no glitches and all of my files, apps, messages intact..:)..