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  • mii__ Level 1 (0 points)
    i had the same problem when trying to update my iPhone..
    for the past hour ive been trying out the whole just press sync and it will work technique and it has been saying at the top of itunes that its backing up my iphone.. ive done it three times tho and the first time it just backed up.. second just synced and now the third is backing up and transferring purchases so i guess if you're gunna try this way make sure u do it a couple times! hopefully the update will even work after this.
  • mii__ Level 1 (0 points)
    well i've decided to just not install the update.. dont want to risk the problems people are complaining about.
  • tnyardangel Level 1 (0 points)
    I spent close to two hours on the phone with a Apple tech who was nice to work with. However, the out come was not that great. A key question he asked me was if I downloaded the OS4 via a wireless connection. I had. He stated that most the people having problems with the phone not backing up, getting into a loop was due to problems with the wireless briefly cutting out during a download. Why Apple does not have a pop up window that states you should not download on wireless is beyond reasoning since now they know it is an issue for many users. Talk about putting your head in the sand. this link will show you how to recover your phone. As soon as your iTunes 9 shows your phone in the devices tab to the left of the screen in iTunes; click on the iPhone icon. The first tab that should pop up is Summary. Scroll down to Version and click Restore. DO NOT restore from your backup because it will not work with the new OS4 you have on your phone. You will have to restore as a new phone. (I know - it is painful - I agree with most of the thoughts flying through your head)

    The Apple tech stated anyone can call them and receive free support via a phone to help walk them through the process to fix their phone like he did me. You do NOT have to have apple care for your iPhone to receive the support because the issue is with OS4 which is a problem they created. He was extremely nice about it.

    He also stated there was no way to go from OS4 back to 3. The back up feature on iTunes will not help restore contacts, items in my note pad, calendar, as well as my close to 800 photos were all deleted with the upgrade to OS4. The Apple tech did spend about 30 mins on the phone with me showing me how the backup feature for photos work with iPhotos and and the iPhone with OS4. It is a great improvement over the previous way I had to back up on Windows with my PC.

    All of my applications came back up on my phone with the restore. However, all the data was wiped on them that had been stored. I read on these Apple Discussion boards where some users were upset that their applications did not come back and they were going to have to repurchase them. This is NOT true. You do not have to repay for them. You go to purchase them as you did the first time, but when it gets time to pay, a window will pop up stating you have already purchased and do you want to proceed. Click yes. The application will download and you will NOT be charged a second time.

    As far as my contacts, notes, and photos of my family & friends I have taken for the past 13 months..... all gone. I am in tears over the photos. I'm paying definitely the stupid tax for not backing them up and have learned a lesson. I will also never break the cardinal rule again and end up on the bleeding edge of downloading a new update until several weeks later so all the kinks are worked out.
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    purchased for 25$ iphone backup extractor. go for the trial and see if it work. i managed to get back my 1000++ pictures from the backup that was made during upgrade.
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    .....___________, REINICIA......___________ REINICIA....._________

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    I have the same problem than most of yo. I have tried to download the OS4 for many times. In the begining, with the normal procedure I found the same error (-402653077, and others seimilars) in the backup recovery phase. My iPhone 3G was completely useless, and there was no way to turn it on and go to the home screen.
    I have tried the DFU procedure restoring mi iPhone, re downloading the OS4 from zero. By this way, the OS4 was correctly installed, but wit the factory settings and all my music, all my notes all my messages and most important, ALL MY CONTACTS were gone.. I have not even my mother cell number!! THis is really a disaster!
    Each time I trie to load my iPhone backup by sincronizing with iTunes, the phone starts a redundant cicle, with the apple logo and the status bar, interrupted in the middle of the process and begining all over again and again and again.. There is no way to quit this state, just by press the home button and the power button together for 15s pwering off the phone. But then, the phone is not able to restart anymore and the only way to have the phone back is to put it in DFU mode and downloading the OS4 from the begining again.

    I hope that Apple will trie to found way to fix this problem, because i have lost all my personal data and all my contacts!!
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    I kept getting the -402653077 error when I was trying to backup my iPhone 3G on iTunes. I called tech support and they suggested I try getting rid of sleep mode on my PC (I'm on Windows 7 on a PC), the lack of internet connection would cause the error. It took 2.5 hours, but it finally backed up.
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    i have joined this group too. everytime i try to update to the iOS4 software i keep getting this same error message. my phone works fine even though i had to re-download my ringtones through itunes again. but the main problem is the lag with everything on my phone now, messaging ***** bc it has a 5 to 10 second lag just to open messages and typing is a pain since the tap response is slower now. apple should really take into consideration that this update has screwed up a lot of phones and if they think it will make us want to jump to the i4 they need to drop the price or let us trade the 3g in for 1/2 the price. but they seriously need to get this update crap figured out bc its making iphone look bad.
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    The best I have been able to do is force restore. To force restore hold down the start button and plug into PC with iTunes open until you get a picture of a USB plug and iTunes logo (Google "iPhone force restore" for more info). iTunes will have the "Restore" button available. Click it and everything you ever added will be wiped-out, but it will work. When I try to sync to reload my stuff, the phone goes back to square 1 with the apple logo with the progress bar. What a frustrating mess. Unfortunately, it didn't fixed my defunct WiFi.
  • Roots021 Level 1 (0 points)
    HEllo Smith1022! just one question: after getting rid of your sleep mode, what did you do? Did you download the OS4 again?
    thanks fotr the help!
  • Neeps1978 Level 1 (0 points)
    I had this error code. -402653077

    I got it to backup by removing the iphone cable from the usb port on the front of my pc and plugging it into one at the back of the pc.

    I seem to remember a similar problem on my old pc. iTunes seems like the usb ports on the motherboard. So if you're plugged in the front try the back.
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    Same problem Here updated as requested by Apple !!! but now in Constant Crash situation Error 1604 ! Please help !!!!!!

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    Same problem for me. Impossible to control if I will get back anything such as pictures or contacts...
    It is just restoring and restoring...and...
    The only thing I noticed is that I've downloaded the update 4, My computer doesn't recognize my Apple. Quite strange !
    I'm leaving my computer working all night long and hope the damages will not be too big. But it's just a hope !
    Like most of you, I hope that Apple people will read this message and find solutions very quickly for the next ones not to have the same problem.
    It is quite incredible not to have Apple people to solve this problem, and just solutions tried by the one or the other. Very difficult to beleive the efficiency of this firm...
    I'm really disapointed and will not buy the I4.
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    I too am having the same problems. Never finished its restore. Now iTunes gives me a message that is doesnt recognize the iPhone. I hope Apple is listening.
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